1. How to Contact Prospects

Gold Cash Flow System 2.0

Use the following script either for over the phone contacts or face to face contacts:

Small Talk ....

F -amily

O - ccupation

R - ecreation

M - essage

YOU: “Have you heard about or SEEN the new Cashgold money and/or the new international golden debit card?”


YOU: Show your Cashgold 0.1 gram and/or your international golden debit card.

NOTE: Let them touch the 0.1 gram international cash gold money, but not the international golden debit card 🙂.

The Goal is to see if he/she has an interest.

Don’t try to answer questions.

If he/she asks questions say: “That’s a great question, let me ask you a question."

YOU: “If I shared a 3 minute video with you by way of text would you watch it?”


YOU: “When would you watch the 2 minute video?”

CONTACT: Tonight at 8pm

YOU: “Send me a text NOW with your name and the words:


Then give me a call after you watch the 2 minute video.

Be on the look out for a text titled:

*Per Our Golden Conversation

I’ve got to go, have a golden day!

Note: If he/she doesn’t call you back when he/she said they would, then it’s up to you if you call him/her back.

After having an initial conversation with a potential prospect send the following information.

Go to Step 2: Videos To Text to the Contact