Some Facts about Tooth Crown and Gold Tooth Crown

There may be a lot of factors which make certain people different from other people in terms of looks. The most common one is the hairstyle. It’s not the normal hairstyle I am talking about. It is the type of hairstyle which looks different from the traditional ones. Then there is another feature which lies in the mouth. It includes extravagantly shining teeth which look quite different as compared to those of others. For instance, what if you have got teeth made of gold. This is very much possible with the help of gold tooth crown.

What is a crown?

The term crown means cap. In dental terminology, it is the exposed part of a tooth. However, it is more specifically used for the prosthetic tooth caps which are fixed in place of the broken natural crowns. In today’s dentistry, the prosthetic crowns are so well-shaped that it is pretty difficult to differentiate an artificial crown from a natural one. Furthermore, these crowns are so well cemented in the place that they start looking like original teeth in the oral cavity.

Although the concept of crowning may seem like an option for aesthetic improvement when we consider the definition mentioned above, this option is basically aimed at improving the functionality by providing support which can be crucial for a lot of people. There are several reasons you may get a dental crown. Some of them are as under.

  • Strengthening of a tooth which starts weakening due to fracture.
  • Replacement of a tooth whose remains are not sufficient to support biting or chewing.
  • Covering the top of the tooth which would undergo root canal treatment, or the top of a dental implant.

Although there has been sufficient improvement made in the technology to ensure proper match between the color & structure of a crown and natural teeth, the use of crowns made of variety of other metals such as gold, silver and base metal alloys is still quite prevalent. Among these options, gold tooth crowning is pretty popular.

Gold crowns

Although the gold tooth crown has the name of ‘gold crown’, it also includes copper and other metals along with the gold in composition. While you may only think about the looks of a gold crown, there are numerous benefits which you can get by having these gold crowns.

  • Gold crowning ensures proper sealing, reducing the chances of any leakage.
  • This material is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Due to the strength of metal, minimal amount of healthy tooth removal is required.
  • Extremely fracture-resistant.

To know whether you are a good candidate for gold tooth crown, you will need to visit your dentist and discuss your case in detail.