Gogar Bonspiel

2017/18 Bonspiel details below, held on 27th January 2018. Congratulations to the winners

Team A

Avril Anderson; Alistair Beattie; John Hogarth; Mike Williamson

Team B

Jon Addinall; Rona Craig; Ralph Garden; Lyz Hogarth

Team C

Ruth Addinall; Jim McIntyre; Mike Wilkinson; Malcolm Wright

Team D

Keith Anderson; Edith Butler; David Craig; Cron Mackay


Following a draw, game started with Team A playing B and C playing D

After 4 ends teams lay

A 3:4 (-1)

B 4:3 (+1)

C 1:6 (-5)

D 6:1 (+5)

So D played B and C played A for the remaining 3 ends.

Final results were

A 5:9 (-4)

B 5:5 (0) Note we said -1 at presentation which was wrong

C 6:8 (-2)

D 8:2 (+6)

So team D winners, B runners up followed by C and A