I do research in graphical models and Algebraic Statistics. In particular, I am interested in the interplay of notions from algebraic geometry with questions arising in statistical inference, model validation, causal discovery, and machine learning.

I wrote a short text about 'What is algebraic statistics?' for a local Algebraic Statistics Day in 2017.


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The first book on Chain Event Graph models

We have written a book! This is the first monograph on discrete statistical models which can be represented by coloured probability trees or, alternatively, so-called Chain Event Graphs: see the cover on the right. We present a number of new methods available for these models, including propagation algorithms, model selection techniques, and ongoing research on causal discovery algorithms. All of this is illustrated in a large number of small examples and one chapter-long analysis of a real dataset coming from a health study.

Rodrigo Abrunhosa Collazo, Christiane Görgen, and Jim Q. Smith (2018). Chain Event Graphs. Chapman & Hall/CRC Computer Science & Data Analysis Series.

My PhD thesis

I won the John Copas prize sponsored by the Faculty of Science of the University of Warwick for the most outstanding Statistics thesis amongst completed PhDs in 2017.

Ch. Görgen (2017). An algebraic characterisation of staged trees: their geometry and causal implications. PhD Thesis.