Initiator : #GODOGOOD

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1. Stop all your addictions :: need help?

Sent a whatsapp to +31622869860 and tell us your story.

2. Choose to connect with people

3. Help, and think and act, communicate together and be part of the network

4. Make other people aware and active. create possibilities. Think in opportunaties. Give people and groups a choice

5. Innovate and create new projects and productions.

Design services and support to help the world.

6. Never put Economic progression in front of Ecologic and Environmental importancy.

7. Choose to live your own healthy life and create a structure in your life style that is healthy.

8. Make new friends, Learn to know people better and better. Give yourself and all of you by being honest.

9. Go and Do Good, know what is good and do it. Know where you are going and what you can do to reach for something that is important in your life and create your better world.

10. Live and let live, Let other animals and people live a good life. Give space, Time, power and knowledge. Share ... Give energy by being happy, healthy and honorable. Share with others to make life better.

help to create an app, webshop and online social-media-site