Goal_One... #1 Goal is to Inspire 

Fairy Tail of My Inspiration 

Once up on at time there was a hero, a hero that I can look up to. That Hero lived in magical land and one day unknowingly that hero saved a life and at expense of self. This action was very high risk but sometimes with high risk comes high reward. This specific reward was one of the biggest rewards known to magical land and without hesitation was awarded to my Hero. But as with all great Heros this reward was too generous and therefore for was rejected without hesitation. This is only tip of iceberg to Inspire!

Simone Galassi 05/11/2023 17:30 19:00 in Salt House see you there! Announcement to Come! For good cause! 

Star shaped sound system with 6 Trilateral speakers raised in the air & speaker cabinet will be designed as art piece

Soprano is a Music Project for Traditional Music, Music Producer, DJs and Bands . This will be unique space for passionate creators, Music Lovers. Venue to be disclosed .

Research project related to Music, Psychology, 3 Pillars of Philosophy & Hybrid Therapy

Traditional Cottage from 18th Century

"Renault Trafic 1987 Campervan" - Matilda


To be Done: Introduction to Piano Master Class. See: Jennifer Pierce, Anna Hofmeijer

Options Trading

To be Done: Introduction to Options trading Course


PLaylists & more to be done 


To be Done