Things You Need To Know Before You Go For Wisdom Tooth Removal

During a dental visit, you come to know that you need your wisdom tooth removed. Before this, you had very little idea about it. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to know about a procedure before you start going through it. A few things that you need to know before you consider going for the wisdom tooth removal are as follows.

The necessity of wisdom tooth removal

There can be a number of reasons for the wisdom tooth removal. There can be a problem with the appropriate room. It means that your wisdom tooth cannot emerge in a proper place due to the area which seems short. Due to this lack of room, the tooth may grow in a weird angle, causing the other teeth to get under consistent push. This push can cause damage to those teeth, and your ability to chew the foods will be the first thing which will get affected. Hence, the dentists would recommend removing wisdom teeth which grow in this fashion.

Reason for the lack of room for wisdom tooth

This lack of room is not something which comes from nature. It’s basically due to the lack in the development of jaws, and this is because of the foods that we eat. The foods we eat now days don’t have enough nutrients which can help in proper jaw development. One particular nutrient, vitamin K2, is the most important element which can help in proper jaw development because its job is to get the calcium distributed into the bones. Young generation in 90’s started to follow the diet plan in which they avoided every kind of fats. One major drawback among many others regarding low fat diet was found to be the deficiency in the development of jawbone. Things became worse when it became genetic in many people because the next generation had this lack of room inherited from their parents.

Here, it would be worth mentioning the proper jawbone development also depends upon the childhood eating habits. If you were used to nutrients-rich raw foods, you will see that your teeth would grow straight. Hence, people should pay attention to eating whole foods rather than drinking sodas and eating junk foods.

How to see if the wisdom tooth needs removal

To see the number of teeth in your lower jaw, you need to look into the mirror. You can use finger to analyze the number of molar teeth in the end. Wisdom teeth are the third molars. First molar appear in the age of 12.

Put finger behind second molar. If the surface is a flat tissue, you don’t need to worry about anything because there should be enough room for the wisdom tooth to grow. However, if there is curve in upward direction, it indicates lack of room and you should get your tooth removed with the help of a surgery.