The Heredox

Art featuring Gnostic as well as mathematical concepts that may be deemed heretical by any standard art metric whilst portraying reality from an objective point of view rather than that of the orthodox viewpoint. The underlying details are meant to engage and spark a debate with the prevailing status quo of any long standing institution. Ideas have no rights, people do. Ideas should stand up to scrutiny, no matter how delicate the subject matter may be.

" As Pythagoreanist activists, we are calling for the revaluation of ALL values." - Mike Hockney


We live in a space-time where appearances are truly deceiving, color being one of them. Does color exist outside perception of the mind? No. Color is formed by distinctive wave patterns and interpreted through our eyes and through our brain which illustrates the different hues of colors that we are allowed to perceive. The entire light spectrum will one day be properly represented when placed on the Periodic table with the Photon's atomic (monadic) number as Ph 0.0

Circles Of Life

Objectively, mathematical law is that which is, was, and always will be; ontological mathematics. That which emanates from it is a teleological entelechy which strives to perfect itself back to perfection; return from it's fall from grace to it's godhood. From the light came the force that broke the light which became what we call matter. from this matter formed many elements which produced living organisms. Those organisms did something extraordinary and produced not only evolving physical entities but mentally self-conscious beings that were able to produce Logos from a deteriorating Mythos.


If there ever was a conspiracy on the populous it would be that of keeping them in a state of disarray or simply feeding them with instant gratifications. The smart person in any situation is usually the most hated (thus very unpopular) and is often labelled as evil by the misunderstood populous. Education should be reclaimed and relabeled as its' true identity; salvation.

Was Gödel right? is there a conspiracy to keep the human race smart enough to operate the simplest functions but ignorant to see an even greater picture?


When you spell a word, you provoke the mind to think and ponder upon it. When you speak to someone, your words cause a reaction to the listener. When sounds are playing in a numerical wave pattern, it may invoke a powerful emotion in those who hear the tune. Like a snake who sways back and forth from a flute, so does the dancer moving to the music of the muse. The spell is only as powerful as the thought put into it. The biggest spell is that which is placed in front of our eyes; through maya, the grandest of perceivable illusions for our senses. It is said that music is the art of counting without knowing it, so is it with every other sense of our senses.

Morning Glory

Just as the abyss below stares back at you when you look into it, so to is it with the clouds above with their stories of us.

Won to Live

Billion of years of evolution to end up at this point here and now and we're told my the many to be humble in life, to strive for greatness and yet it's a contradiction in terms. To survive a competition of millions of other sperm in a competition to be born only to remain in an almost neutral equilibrium like state where your freedom lies with the satisfaction of not having to worry about monetary debt. What happened to the glory of creating something that benefits all of humanity? Your soul is the one who won your body, the differences we enact is entirely up to you. Start.

Take a Dip in Life

You are not a body with a soul but rather a soul controlling a body. Your body and ego perish in what we call space-time, but your soul, your higher-self, returns to it's natural non-locality. What then for the soul? It once again has a clean slate. The task is to redefine yourself and evolve your state of self optimizing consciousness until you reach godhood. Refine and define.

Life is but a Dream

Life is in motion, motion is energy and everything withers and decays away in our space-time. However, energy can not be created nor destroyed and only transformed as the first rule of thermodynamics states. Just as that is true so is this: you never stopped thinking even before the moment you were born and will continue to do so until even after you die; albeit unconsciously and subconsciously through moments of what we define as "sleep."

Voiceless Priests

Free will, an infinite god, teaching a purified version of the faith and even asking a simple question was a good enough reason to burn a what the church would call a heretic in order to maintain a horrific paradigm.

Sins of the Father

Nothing of what is told to us by those who hold current positions of power is true at all, only that which is allowed to be perceived to be true; their grand narrative for the masses. That which is enforced by the status quo is in place to benefit a nefarious hierarchy which clearly gave the messengers of their message as equal or more amount of importance than the original message of the gospel.

Through the North Winds

In terms of the Genesis of freedom, we were never meant to be free. We're told we to go is a place where we will have no free will; heaven. It's a prison for souls staring into a blinding light forever, that's the reward at the end of our tale. Were we not to rebel we'd still be at the mercy of a merciless Demiurgos. The master-slave dialectic would forever reign supreme.

Good Morning Star

Lucifer, the morningstar associated with the planet Venus, bares the feminine quality. Secondly, "lucifer" was translated by the King James version of the bible with a capital "L" which gave the name a personal anthropomorphic characteristic; Lucifer became an angel. Nowhere is the bible is Lucifer compared with the devil; Satanael. Luciferia need take her right place amongst the true hierarchy of angels and guide the souls back to the empyrean. The association with a evil need not continue, however, in Gnostic terms there would be need for a proper rebellion against the Demiurgos and his archons ruling our current paradigm of deception and ignorance.

The Greatest Stories

Contrary to what mainstream religions would have the populous believe, the greatest stories are shared from all around the world when they are told by the stars. The whole history of humanity has this in common with names and characters changed but the positions remain highly similar. The zodiac being one of the shared symbols told by various regions with little to no communication in relation to one another.


She was a goddess during the Aztec era with a will for power. Much like Lilith, she was neglected by her people and seen as pariah. History however belongs to the victor.

The Sacking of Canaan

"One people, one empire, one Führer!" -Hitler

"One Chosen people, one promised land, one God" -YHWH

The irony.

"If there is a God, He will have to beg my forgiveness.” — A phrase that was carved on the walls of a concentration camp cell during WWII.

A Bipartisan God who knowingly created his enemies only to destroy them planned on doing so from their inception. This is his plan.

Lady Libertas

Government attacked by BOTH the extreme left and extreme right, the anarchists and the anarcho-capitalists. Without the ideal of government, human rights nor civil rights laws would have ever been upheld. Masters would rule over slaves, the law of the jungle would take hold. No one seems to blame the corporate masters controlling the government through monetary means. Liberty will prevail, Corporatocracy will crumble, those with talents and merits will usher in a truly more rational system of meritocracy that will reign supreme.


Superstition, rumored mythos, dominated the old world and continues to dominate our world today. With the rise of Logic (logia/logos), we've had a way to dissect the false narratives and deceptive schemes that benefit the nefarious. Logic should not be thought of being delegated to the realm of observation, but rather it's a key component to the rational schools of thought. The supernatural is deemed untrue until proven empirically true via observation. What is a known fact is that perception is a false reality and only applies to our senses which evolved though time so that we are able to adequately perceive what we need to see; missing the rest of what's really there.

"Ah, yes, superstition: it would appear to be cowardice in face of the supernatural." - Theophrastus

Without Qualia

Without quality, there'd only be quantity. So it's up to us to add purpose(love). It's up to us to discriminate what's good and bad. That's why we have our minds, to make decisions, to cause things to happen. Quantitative thing s will appear MEANINGLESS without the quality that's added to the quantity of things. We are mental creatures that have this power. What we are not are robot's that can't determine what beauty is for it's a subjective manner. Only the soul can self-determine what is valuable.

We were once numerically perfect until we "fell" in love. We willed this motion, this connection.

"No amount of complexifying atomic arrangements can summon mind from matter that possesses no mind." The Mathmos by Mike Hockney

So let's utilize our mental will to the best possible quality. Create reasonable value.

Raging Against The Machine

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws" — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

For as much as racism has been cloaked away from the spotlight as far as our advances go from past generations, another not so hidden agenda is that of financial racism. The exodus of the negro migration from San Francisco to Oakland, the gentrification of cultural areas on a city to advance the vision of the monetarily wealthy so to serve a supreme working class. Wherever there is a high concentration of wealth is where there is a high standards of living, but where do the servants live that serve this supreme area? Servants must travel long distances in order to provide for their families. It's privilege that gives the selected an advantage over those who must endure the perpetually unfair game of life. Welfare must stop where the talented compete on an equal battlefield against those who were privileged. The 100% inheritance act is anathema to parents who have no faith in their kids to make it in life so they give them everything. This cancer of parasitic disease on the talented underprivileged will cease to exist and it's only a matter of time.


With life stacked against her since her inception, she has no other choice but to work as hard as she can so that one day she can take off her shackles of debt. To be debt free is sadly what freedom means to most people under the master-slave paradigm. How can one learn a new skill when there is simply no time to learn it? There are conspiracy theories that claim that "they" are trying to kill or poison the population. First, who are they? Second, "they" need a stable work force to accumulate their wealth. So it may be true that they want to work you to death so "they" don't have to and enjoy their lives in the kind of freedom most only dream about. But what of the hard worker? will they ever see freedom? Will it be too late in age to enjoy their prosperity?

Down for the Cause

Everyone chooses what they like, who they love and what they believe in. The question is would you die for a cause that you deeply cared about? Do you care about something so much that it is sacred to you? For most people it's their family, for soldiers it's their brothers in arm, but what about fighting for ideas that include freedom that is not of your own and are for those around you? Is glory less precious than ownership?


The very man who coined the term "philosopher" has the least books written about him, yet deserves all the prestige given to the modern free thinkers of our time. Pythagoras was saw the world through the lenses of mathematics. If things didn't add up rationally then the thing was ipso facto false. He inspired many with his secret school of thought made of the Akoustikoi(things heard) and of the Mathematikoi (things learned). His star pupil was not other that Plato who created the very first university; The Academy. His star pupil, Aristotle created his own school of thought; The Lyceum. Genius recognize genius.

On the Outside Looking In

There are those who look for the answer of truth within themselves and there are those who look for the answer for truth outside of themselves. Those seeking the truth with their exterior senses and tools of observation will only see as far as technological advances will allow. These extroverts depend on correct calibration and the satisfactory sensual input methods. Those looking inward know to listen to their higher self, using reason, rational and intuition. Mathematics comes to their use when things literally don't add up. Extroverts and introverts both, through error, grow and refine the human race onward, but we need to put our best foot forward and that's through rational thought.

“Men’s eyes and ears are bad witnesses, for they have barbarous souls. Reason (logoς) is the judge of truth, not the arbitrary, but the only divine and universal judge “ — this is the measure, the rhythm, that runs through the Being of everything.' - Hegel's lecture on the history of philosophy quoting Heraclitus

Deathless Life

It is said that when we die we end up where we were before we were born. If that is true then it would seem that our body and ego die but our soul moves on to graduate school or will enroll in a new course in life with a new body in order to complete universal credit in order to actualize it's maximum potential. If you think about it, we never stop thinking, not from the very second you were born to the very second you die. Our lives are on big wave-function. we grow, peak and shrink. It is our ghost inside the bodily machine that makes your eyes move, lifts your hand and calculates without observation. These action may occur without you even having been conscious; subconscious sleepwalking. Our ghost thinks while we are aware or not, it is our higher self. We dream, daydream, think, observe and never stop. We live through our ghost and they are the reason for guaranteeing the past life to the next. They need not be imprisoned in the body so to wonder the world of the dimensionless realm.

Life in the Way

Day in and day out we tend to the needs of our lives. Work and play distinguish and serve our lives in ways we couldn't do without, but what of the work that will live long after you perish? What mark would you like to leave the rest of mankind that has a chance to advance humankind? What works will outlast you? Just think, even a villain can leave his mark better than someone who doesn't try to conquer in life.

Worth it Yet?

The lengths the beauty industry goes to make their customers feel worthless is nauseatingly disgusting. You are told that to look beautiful you must purchase their desired products and are simply ugly without them. To look ravishing, you need to buy and disguise yourself. Beauty profiteers are the gatekeepers of desired happiness for lost souls.

Distraction Addicts

In the age of information, even the most distracting performances are outdone by instant gratifications. A show can now be over performed by a more preferably accessible product. Screens to access anything from personal e-mails, games, or even the ability to access the deepest secrets of the universe. Utilize wisely.

As Above So Below

From the Monad, the mental atom(singularity) emanates energy to produce physical atoms. A network is then produces from neurons to bodily organs, organs to bodies, bodies to tribes, tribes to civilizations, to worlds, to galactic systems, to a network of systems spreading throughout the Singularity. The black hole of black holes.

Mathematical Universe

Even without thinking about it, we catch a ball, write a poem, draw a masterpiece, sort data; all performed mathematically. We are inherently mathematical beings that count without recognizing that we are doing so. There is structure in the microcosm, though sub-optimal as it may be, isn't a collection or random probability but rather order performed in an infinitesimal scale. The macrocosm seen through our telescope shows us just how order the universe really is. Through reason and rational, we can deduce that order begat order via mathematical sinusoidal waves that include positive and negative numbers (sine and cosine waves). Randomness and probability are an illusion based on misinterpreted order.

"All things are number." - Pythagoras

You against the World

When the zombie apocalypse is is discussed, it should be discussing what the zombies psychologically represent; the poor. Survivalists envision their families being the last of a dying breed, but what if they find a surviving community, should they deserve any of the community benefits without giving anything of their own? It's a selfish idea to shrink those around you to benefit a bloodline instead of the rest of the members of a community that actually contribute to the survival of all, not just a few. If you agree that welfare should stop to undeserving parasites then you'd better support the solution; a 100% inheritance tax on parents who give their children an advantage over other children who are more talented and able to benefit the rest of mankind. After all, who screws society more, the poor or the rich who've been collecting via inheritance via family bloodlines?

Perspective isn't Everything

What's looks to be true in front of you is perceived differently from another person's perspective. From this we can conclude that relativity is false when discussing the true nature of reality. Objectively, infinite points view the universe from infinite points of view.

Life: Sex

Just look all round you and find your idols of false ideologies with the perfect body being desired for sex. Music sells sexual lyrics to the emotionally repressed, movies promote the most cleanest and stunningly beautiful. Even toys like "Barbie" invoke a subliminal message to children at an early age to become icons they once played with. Influences from classical painting to sculptures of beauty and strength; sex is here to stay. Controlling our sexual desire is another story.

Born Equal?

Should the dead control the living via inheritance? Should it matter who your ancestors were or who you are now in society? Should bloodlines determine who benefits in life? Is the child born in poverty meant to struggle in life over the child who was born in privilege?

Killer Karma

What has this child done to deserve this outcome? Did he deserve his fate? Does a rape victim deserve it because they were evil in the past life? How does one know that they are not the other half of the completed circle of what comes around?

These assumptions and ideals will keep the rich and powerful from having to feel guilt in order to continue their lives of prosperity and inheritance as the rest of the world world, which gave their original heirs the very chance to be rich, suffers from their returns or lack thereof. It's time to for the community to reject this investment of the rich that returns zero favors. We push and you pull; not cut the rope that got you to "heaven."

To Love is to Hate

To elevate one is to restrain the other from a certain kind of privilege. To love is to discriminate. When someone talks of unconditional love they do so without thought nor discretion for others who deserve the same. It takes the right kind of thinking to fix a relative issue that was made an absolute, unconditional kind of ideology.

I Had a Question

People have rights, ideas do not. Strong ideas stand up to scrutiny, answer and and create the newest questions. This is how we move forward as a race. We'll never forward if the unquestionable remain unquestioned.

Everything is Wrong

Imagine for a moment that everything you every knew was in jeopardy. The story of your life, your grand narrative was based off of parental influence(morals), regional influence (politics/religion), or popular influence (born to shop). "Truths" based on opinion, popular guesses turned to "fact," theories born to die as soon as the next popular guess/opinion is established. Constant provisional facts and golden truths of morality are ever changing/evolving/contingent/synthetic and are not eternally true. The only truths are mathematical proofs that need no verification. Try verifying 1+1=2. Try experimenting on it, science can't and won't deliver. Mathematics is, was and always will be. Rational over Empiricism/Mysticism (look us emergence, things spring up like magic without prior ingredients in either A or B to make C; it emerged. If things don't ADD UP then you didn't use reason/rational which is mathematical.

Here's a truth. Everything is in motion and everything vibrates so make a move and create the newest of footprints.

Clash of Ideals

The Peloponnesian war was that of the Spartans vs the Athenians in what ended the ideal of Athena's city of old, but sparked a synthesis of a refined version of what we call democracy. Socrates, however, lives well after his death through his ideals.

Annunaki Conspirators

With the rise of new age conspiracies where populism rules with an iron fist, no conspiracy has taken off so fast as that of the myths about the Annunaki gods via the stories believed taken as fact from the Zecharia Sitchin series of books. Thanks to Dr. Michael S. Heiser who comes from the world of academia who fought back against illogical statements and fallacies produced by such authors for profit, we can now see the real face of such profiteers who prey on the weakest of believers. The Shining Ones should not be confused for some reptilian race who came to enslave humanity so we can do their bidding. This narrative only serves those who do not want man to rise so to claim us as slaves from the beginning (The garden of Eden anyone?).

Schrodinger's Conundrum

There is a school of thought that believes that if there is a cat in a box, along with a packet of poison, that the cat can be thought as alive, dead, or both. How can a cat be a both alive and dead. If no one were to observe you at this moment, would you disappear? When no one is looking at the moon, does it vanish? Is the cat inside the box turned into a zombie? Why would this school of observation be forced to come to such an outrageous conclusion? Using rationale alone, we can deduce that the cat is either a) alive or b) dead and never a) AND b).


The status quo, left to it's own devices, takes advantage of what the people don't know. Our system of greed that we have today is used to exploit the lower half of our civilization to serve the upper echelons of society and it has been run this way since the dawn on civilization. It's an old world order and it's time to usher in a new world system by and for the meritorious . Most people won't fight for a new world due to fearing a future world of horrific ramifications and would rather accept the present day horrors; they accept the old world rules with their ideals of selfishness.


When success is based on who you know and not what you know, the loser will surely not have lost in fair game. What is the point of competition if the competitors start on different starting points? Time and time again are the talented screwed out of opportunities granted to the children of wealthy parents of no fault of their own other than ownership that wasn't attained before their birth. Would you believe in your child or rig the system because you don't believe they can succeed on their own so you give them everything undeserved? It's a cancerous, parasitic way of life that must be stopped.

When In Doubt

There are things in the world and beyond that we don't understand and to account for what lies beyond we invoke answers that make us feel good. The answer to existence is God, aliens, or chaotic randomness(magic); these somehow create an ordered universe.

Wolves or Pets?

Obedience, faith in your master, sit, kneel, stand, listen; these are requirements for any church to operate. These are also the commands for any dog if it wishes to receive its treat. Without the promise for a reward, dogs wouldn't comply with a master's command; this is where fear is used to force dogs to obey. The same tactic used by mainstream religions with their promise of paradise(the treat for being a good boy). To rebel and seek out to become your own master is anathema to these systems of mental control. When the time comes to fight for your life you will then see that it is your beliefs that control you and nothing more.

Sophia's Rise

Goddess worship of the divine feminine was once widespread in the ancient world until the rise of monotheism, Abrahamism to be exact. The name Sophia translates to wisdom and was usually represented by figures holding a snake, a serpentine figure or simply that of a serpent itself. Wisdom was the key to know thyself and anyone willing to pursue their own journey to attain the fruit from the tree of knowledge and attain gnosis was free to do so. Heroes of both genders ruled throughout the ancient world. In the present day, we have grovelers who not only fear their "Lord" but also their own divine spark and especially the spark of others. Faith mustn't be questioned in the eyes of the devoted and to actually know thyself is heresy.

It's not Delivery, it's El Infierno

Who was Jesus? That depends on what passage you decide to define him with. Was he good, bad, happy or sad? Was he for peace did he advocate violence? Was he a Jew or was he anti-Semitic? Was he forgiving or vengeful? Was he a bipartisan god? Was he just a man who went knee deep into trouble when he guaranteed the building of a temple in three days so had to create his own escape route when he couldn't deliver? Who outside of his disciples saw him ascend to heaven? Christ almighty!

Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy theorists piece puzzles together with pieces that must be forced in to make a Frankenstein of a story. By definition, conspiracy theorists don't have all the facts and yet confirm their information as proof. There are many way to combine information and the chances of you finding what it is you are looking to find to confirm your bias are relatively high; if you look for what you want then you'll probably find it. What is found, however, is not what was needed as proof.

Keeping up with the Jones'

When you have no faith in you offspring that you give them everything they did NOT work for, they did NOT earn and will do the same to their own. Unless this stops your offspring will never get a fair shot in life. The end game: one family owning the whole world. The true end game of capitalism is that there must be losers in order for there to be a winner. We, unlike communism, aren't forced to be the same because we will simply buy our way there. Unfortunately, many will die without even having played the game on an equal footing of those who were born outside the game of predatory capitalism. Empathy is lost in these privileged elites because what ever misfortune happen occur outside of their state of affairs. They shall remain in a network of perpetual power via family bloodlines. In their world, ancestry is everything and yet it is they who are nobody.

Disregarded Reality

Believers of the Book of Revelation hold the earth in total disregard when it comes to living in the present day. They simply don't care about climate change, communal revivals, nor about other religions outside of their own. They look to a time when everyone outside of their belief circle is decimated in an apocalyptic catastrophe. What matters is that there is a united belief in their bipartisan lord and savior Yeshua Ben Yosef (Jesus Christ). It really doesn't matter what happens to this earth because they won't be here while they are enjoying the view destruction from heaven.

Mother of God

From Sophia came her son who caused havoc on our world. He knew what would happen and played our dimension as a game where he held all the pieces and built only to destroy. This son of Sophia (wisdom) is none other than the demiurgos of the heavenly realm and is also known as the abrahamic god; Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah. Sophia, with her uncanny wisdom, understands that he's just a child she must love and protect those around him; after all, she's responsible for him until he's legally an adult! Insurance policies are a must!

Ignorance is Bliss

What's better than being angry and fearful of the world of terrifyingly tragic results? The answer is simple; total ignorance. There is a difference in knowing what's going on in the world around you but are unable to help and not knowing as a choice to have plausible deniability when asked about such ignorance about an individual's apparent character. It will lower the ignorant's high if such a dramatic issue is suddenly discussed. The "love and light" club are no better and will avoid such tragic topics so they don't have to get angry and actually have to act instead of sending out "good vibrations." They don't believe in standing up to fight for the defenseless when the time calls for heroes. Ignorance in itself is the true tragedy.


Some will either wait to reclaim or proclaim their love for the other. The connection is sought out indefinitely for the simple fact that we are here to connect on a relative scale; but are to perfect on the objective scale. We strive and learn for more with each connection. Love is a connection of power, power we all want more of. It goes without saying, get your fair share.

The Ignavi

"The ignavi...the souls of sinners who were never alive." Dante Alighieri

People wait their whole lives to enter a kingdom they don't even deserve to enter. A waste of a life is the one who dares to not live in his day. Though this reality may be an illusion when it comes down to the senses, your life is not. Live life as if it were a movie you'd be proud of for judgement day is the reflection of the soul. Be a star.

Reincarnator 2

Death as we know it is an exit door to a new lifetime. It makes no sense to have existence for eons just to have been born and alive for seventy years only to cease to exist after that minuscule moment of time. Why should a slight mistake ban you to condemnation forever after? Why receive only one shot to get life correct? Live a wave-function, we are born, grow, shrink and die for our soul(we we really are) to experience a newer life for an even better chance to impact and live in our existence.


"He was a wise man who invented beer" - Plato

To paraphrase Paracelsus, poison is in everything but depending on the dosage, that very poison can be the poison or the remedy. All things in moderation.

We look towards the outer world of experience for answers that will satisfy our thirst and comfort our ideals and when those answers aren't satisfying to our emotions we then turn to satisfy the senses. This is how our society is dominated week in and week out; sedation. To give the people what they want so they can remain sterile is not what a truly great society needs. Play time is fine if it can be constrained by the mind who can control it. Be the master.

Cinderella? She went that way

A story of a rich man and a hard working class girl (50 shades anyone) illustrates why there is gender gap when it applies to pay and equality in the workforce. What if a poor working man found her shoe? Would there even be a story? Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz, is a far superior role model as a hero than any damsel in distress.

A Change gonna come

When good and bad are defined in a relative manner, it's easy to claim what is evil. When good is defined as how useful the narrative could advance humanity, it's more harder to state what was right than to say what was necessary.

The Devil's Game

Money isn't the root of evil, IGNORANCE is. Education and equal opportunity are the antidote to this poison. We need to save our species from the comfort of the underworld of the street. To be a true badass is the question the status quo of every powerful institute to keep them in check. That's true power. Be a rebel of religion, science and use proofs to dispel ever changing contingent facts that are only good today but useless tomorrow. Mathematics, logic and reason are your weapons. Use them to overturn parasitic inheritors out of power. They did not earn their wealth, they only stole your opportunity when they were born into this life with the privilege of rich parents. Rise as knights.

Is God a Demon?

He saves only the obedient ones who serve him. Anyone willing to stand up to his tyranny is banished to a punishment chamber called "Hell." The Almighty Archon knows the future and destroys his creations for his pleasure. We, the human race gained free will through our own wisdom; however, the snake in the garden who let us know of this true knowledge. The True God would and could never choose sides of it's emanated creation for it encapsulates all. We were in prison (Eden) before we escaped to make up our own decisions. It's time for humanity to grow up and escape the beliefs that control their daily lives.

"And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever." Genesis 3:22

David Deceived

"And ________ ordered David to go number Israel." Is it:

A) Yahweh (2 Samuel 24:1)

B) Satan (1 Chronicles 21:1)


C) One and the same Archon

One Toned Stoned

Stasis is a state of nothingness and returns the journeyman back to the beginning, ignoring the current realm of reality. Gnosis is when the journeyman, through trials and tribulations in their current reality, finally arrives at the omega point; the 100% end point of Godhood, they truly know thyself. Ignorance is when the abused continue to believe that their abuser is doing the right thing because it was written in a book that tells them to do so and that it's been this way before they were born.

"For me there are only two kinds of women, goddesses and doormats". -Pablo Picasso


Congratulations to those who follow their holy books without nitpicking their way through. Every word is necessary because if there were many doors to enter the kingdom, what would have been the purpose of any single religion if it simply made no difference? It's a lottery that only a few percent may gain access into. Good luck.

We tend to love that which is not like is and transform them into something like us. Human qualities are applied to objects and non-human entities in order to understand the world in a certain way, to not feel lonely, and even to have a sense of being a commanding master/owner. Cars, toys, stuffed animals, pets and even "God" is given a human-like quality in order for the human being to be able to relate to it; the relationship is defined often defined this way. Mathematical order needed to be made comprehensible and so was given a more relatable, less true, description. It makes sense to children, but sooner or later, children need to grow up.

What is real? What is it we touch when we touch a table, a chair or even the concrete floor? Is it matter? Is matter indivisible? Is there a piece of matter that cannot be split infinitely? Everything consists of wave patterns; touch, smell, sight, and sound. These waves as transmitted by our evolutionary transmitters that define the quality of the quantity received. From here, we have the freedom (free will) and judgement to discern what is desirable and what is profane. We transmit the invisible patterns and experience the effects. If we could see the waves (the 0's and 1's behind the scenes) our minds would be overloaded with so much information that most of the information received would be rended useless. We only see what we need, for survival, but we can know the rest of reality through reason, logic and mathematics.

There is a prison designed to oversee all the prisoners at once; the Panopticon. It is hard for the prisoner to look and see if the Warden at the top of the central tower is watching them, but it doesn't matter as long as the prisoners are behaving themselves. It wouldn't matter if it was set up so a scarecrow was set up made to overlook the cells, everyone would still behave in order to not get in trouble and be as obedient as can be to the watcher in command. This takes place in the minds of millions unable to escape the mental Panopticon for the simple fact that many people enjoy their cells of hell. There is a fear of a watcher inside the mind that knows everything about anyone, someone steps out of line then that person will burn forever. Mental control over the simpletons have always held progress from advancing, but the keys are inside their cells, it's up to the individual to grab them.

We have been, and will be will be living in a reign of terror as long as the people in power keep robbing the earners of society. We must revive the reign of liberation for the people and rid the world of grave digging inheritors who have no talents, whose parents didn't believe in them so granted them the world that is costing the people living in it billions. We need to understand the other, debate the other and above all defeat the other selfish ideologies and restart the world via the meritorious who deserve their chance to play the game of life.

Que Viva La Revolución!

The invisible atom does matter, literally. Nothing can claim create matter such as Monads by defining matter as asymmetrical light.

Monads consisting of analytic sinusoidal waves, sines and cosines, that make up varying levels of energy with limitless combinations compatible within what's possible.

Motion via form into content.

How can infinite points fit in between 0 and 1 if points/decimals are dimensionless and can be divided ad infinitum? A dimensionless point has infinite capacity to hold infinite points as it bosonic; superposition takes place. For a point to be dimensional, it must hold a space and create an instance of itself which creates the time in it's position of space. The point must extend to hold infinitesimal dimensionality and therefore creates motion. Mathematics is simply the science of motion.

Abstract mathematics (.9999---) needs to be contained and Physics (numbers bigger than .0001-- and less than 99999---) needs to expand in to contain all numbers, not just "real" numbers.

Nothing is not nothing in the sense that nothing exists for non-existence, by definition, does not exist which leaves only the existence of the only type of nothing that eternally exists as something. We are all becoming.

In the finite span of space-time, we need not forget what is important and created within it; moments.