Operation Status & Resources

This page is intended for GMU students | Please check the VISIT page for public events and updates


Research operations will be conducted remotely.

You are advised to refer to the procedures, no matter how familiar you are with the equipment.

Please make sure to record your visit and experience in the Observatory Log. This allows for better attendance, file recovery, and troubleshooting.

Multiple weather widgets are below. For the best forecast, refer to them along with the observatory's weather station.

Quick Start-Up Guide
Quick Shutdown Guide
Observing Log (Form)
Student Manual - Fall '19


Contact for support & troubleshooting

Refer to the above "Full User Manual" for troubleshooting instructions to common issues

For additional help and remote support:

Text Justin at 515-320-1551, text/call Will at 703-479-6561, or Dr Plavchan's cell (626) 234-1628

Research Hall, 10401 York River Rd, Fairfax, VA 22030