Charms Office Assistant is the tool used Garner Magnet High School Band to track Events, finances, communications, forms and volunteer signups. Each GMHS Band Student has been provided an account.

Please make sure you check your Charms account on a regular basis for finances and to sign up for Volunteer events. Keep email and phone numbers up to date as we rely on mass emails to get out information to all parents and students.

To access your account:

  • Go to Charms
  • Choose Parents/Students/Members
  • Enter GMHSBAND
  • The new window is the PUBLIC site. News items and Calendar is available only
  • Login in to your account using your Student Area Password

(Contact a board member or band director if you have forgotten your password or have never logged in before)

Sync the Garner Magnet High School Band Charms calendar to your Mobile device


  1. Go into the Settings app
  2. Touch "Accounts & Passwords"
  3. On the Accounts & Passwords screen, touch "Add Account"
  4. On the Add Account screen, touch "Other"
  5. Under Calendars, touch "Add Subscribed Calendar"
  6. For the Server value, enter the URL for the teacher calendar:
  8. Touch "Next" in the upper right corner.
  9. It will verify the server then show a subscription page. Change the description if you like.
  10. Touch "Save" to save the subscription.


To sync with Android devices, you will need to use your Google account and have a Google calendar created.

In your Google calendar on a real computer:

  1. Under "Other Calendars" click the Add link.
  2. Select "Add by URL"
  3. Enter the following URL:
  5. Click "Add Calendar"
  6. Google will begin to sync your calendar, and it will appear on the screen.
  7. Click "Settings"
  8. Change the long name of the new calendar to something you will remember such as "Charms Calendar"
  9. Your phone should automatically be set to sync with your Google calendar.
  10. On your phone: Click on "Calendar", then bring up the settings for the calendar. Click on Calendar Sync. You should see your google account listed already. Make sure Auto-Sync is checked.