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Rabun: Fresh chemical-free hay; $6 ea; square bales; various weights (30-70lbs); few to no weed seed; mostly fescue; 100+ available; contact Alan or Sherri of Goats in the Gap Farm

Big Coleman Marine Coolers 150 quart; farmer price: $55 (last chance before sold to public for higher dollar); 2 available; Stainless steel hardware and keeps cold for long time. These have been washed and sanitized weekly and have only ever carried vegetables. Keeps ice up to 6 days.

2-3-1 Fish Emulsion, $8 per gallon; OMRI approved; 120 mesh filtered for drip irrigation; lower nitrogen for blooming/second flush of fruit or root email

Group Buy: New Country Organics animal feed. Chicken, goat, sheep, pig, dogs, you name it... they have certified organic feed and Laura in Clermont can get it discounted and shipped monthly. She sometimes needs small orders to get the best price. Email for logistics.

Containers and Boxes; need small quantities of containers and boxes to see what size fits you best? Email to see if we have them on hand!


small reliable pickup truck - Susan C

cattle panels - Alan L