Member Resources

Check out our Farmer-only field day recordings HERE. Hope to see you at our next get together!

Membership for Georgia Mountains Farmers Network will begin Spring 2019. Until then, please enjoy the resources/activities for small and sustainably-minded farmers throughout Northeast Georgia.

Membership includes:

  • Access to our Northeast Georgia Small Farm Resource Guide
  • Access to an online farmer-only forum for questions, needs, and equipment sharing, and new market opportunities specific to natural/organic practices.
  • Access to farmer-only get togethers, potlucks, and workshops (with audio and links/resources from each meeting)
  • Access to reduced shipping, bulk orders, and discount opportunities
  • Access to annual reports of what sells best, prices, and customer survey results specific to Northeast Georgia
  • Marketing and earned media (examples include articles in the paper and blog posts highlighting your products)

Requirements for membership:

  • Producing and selling raw agricultural products, meat, dairy, or fiber in NE Georgia
  • $20 annual membership fee ($5 every 3 months also available upon request)
  • Willing to host farmer-only get together at your farm