Compiled by Colin Fountain & John Hine

To see a list of the postmarks and the history of the post office for a particular town or village, click on the initial letter below.

To find a town sub-office look under the town name initial.

Abbreviations used in the listings:


B = Black, BL = Blue, BL/G = Blue-green (colour may vary between blue & green), BR = Brown, G = Green, P = Purple, R = Red

mm = size in millimetres, PIB = Proof Impression Book (Post Office Archives),

p after catalogue number beneath illustration = copied from Proof Impression Book, PPL = Parcel Post Label

Handstamp postmark types:

CD = Circular Duplex , HOS = Horizontal Oval Single, VOD = Vertical Oval Duplex, VOS = Vertical Oval single.

3 or 4 prefix with the above denotes the quantity of bars above and below the office number.

da = double arc, dc = double circle, mge = mileage mark, sa = single arc, sc = single circle, SID = Self-Inking Date stamp,

sl = straight line undated mark, sqc = squared circle, UDC = Un Dated Circular hand stamp.

These listings include data from the following previously published sources, updated where appropriate from later sightings and additional information:

“The British County Catalogue of Postal History – Midlands Edition” published by The Midland (GB) Postal History Society 2013

“The Undated Circular Marks of the Midland Counties” published by The Midland (GB) Postal History Society Fourth edition 1996 + supplement 2006

“Barred Numeral Cancellations” by John Parmenter New revised edition Vol. 3 E to K 2012

“Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks” by Stanley F.Cohen et al 2nd edition 2006 + updates

“Sub Office Rubber Datestamps of England & Wales” by James A.Mackay 1986

“Skeleton Postmarks of England & Wales” by James A.Mackay 3rd edition by Patrick G.Awcock & John R Frost (British Postmark Society) 2006 + supplements

“Krag Machine Postmarks of Great Britain & Ireland” by Paul T.Carter published by British Postmark Society 2012

“Universal Machine Postmarks: Part 2” by Paul T.Carter published by British Postmark Society 2013

“UK Post Offices by County” by Ken Smith

The compilers also wish to thank the following who have provided information which has been included:

Patrick Awcock, Nick Bridgwater, John Calladine, Paul Carter, Keith Downing, Derek Gardiner, Stuart Geddes, Alan Godfrey, Chris Jackson, Hugh Johnson, Bryan Jones, Rick Martin, Alastair Nixon, Colin Peachey, Brian Purcell, Trevor Radway, Martin Scroggs, Ken Smith, John Strachan, Roger Vaughan, Steve Ward

Special Event Handstamps and Slogan Machine Cancellations are outside the scope of this website. For these please see the British Postmark Society website and publications.

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