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Live @ Live Earth Litzendorf

Tell me Why - Single Release

Cajera de Italy (Official Video)

Live @ SPH Contest Nürnberg



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Live Earth Litzendorf, Litzendorf, Germany - Jun 18

FANIALIVE, Vienna, Austria - May 13


Sommerblühen 2021, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany - August 28

Local BAR, Vienna, Austria - August 14

Tucher Blues & Jazz Festival 2021, Bamberg, Germany - August 8

Budapest Streaming, Buenos Aires, Argentina - Februar 16


Online Festival „Bamberg im Netz“, Bamberg, Germany - October 10

Livestreaming “Ska Alrededor Del Mundo, Vienna, Austria - May 28

Dringeblieben/ "Open Piano for Refugees", Bamberg, Germany - April 11

Online Festival Conectando 2020, Barcelona, Spain - March 26

The Cult Factory, SPH Bandcontest Semifinal, Nürnberg, Germany - February 20

"Bamberg ist Bunt", Bamberg, Germany - February 20


22. Nacht der Kultur, Schweinfurt, Germany - September 21

Sandkirchweih 2019 @ Zapfhahn, Bamberg, Germany - August 24

Filmwerk Helmbrechts Open Air 2019, Helmbrechts, Germany - August 18

Immeldorf Open Air 2019, Immeldorf, Germany - August 16

22. Rock im BUNI, Nürnberg, Germany - July 20

GLOBALIVITY @ JUZE Bad Neustadt, Bad Neustadt, Germany - July 19

SPH Bandcontest, Frankfurt, Germany - July 13

Café in Concert, Bamberg, Germany - July 10

Waldstock Festival #26, Pegnitz, Germany - July 5

Fête de la Musique 2019, Bamberg, Germany - Jun 21

Awalla Innenhofkonzert 2019, Hof, Germany - Jun 20

GLOBALIVITY @ Weißes Roß, Immeldorf, Germany - Jun 15

Kultur Jam 2019, Passau, Germany - May 18


Globalivity sends out an invitation to oil up our rusty bones and start moving, to take out our loved ones and celebrate this good old life we´re given.

The sound of Globalivity stands for joie de vivre, energy, passion, movement and the wish for a more global community. The different cultural backgrounds of the band from Bamberg, Germany are reflected in their music and unite in a harmoniously coordinated eclectic sound between ska and reggae with Latin American rhythms as well as dub influences, rounded off with electronic beats. This mixture creates a sound that flows through your ears straight into your feet, making it impossible to remain still.

Globality´s music comes from their hearts, beating for a respectful and peaceful coexistence, a conscious treatment of our planet and of course love, love, love, which in the end is the glue that keeps everything together.

Open your ears and hearts to the international, warming, energetic sound of Globalivity and invite your bodies to remember what it means to be alive.