Lesson Design

Creating resources to support teachers in local lesson planning

The generality of our basic design concept allows for more global collaboration around general principles, but also requires support for local adaptation and continuous evaluation in order to identify appropriate mid-level educational design guidance. Toward this end, the Global ESD network has the aim to develop

  • Sustainability Issue Overviews: for teachers to develop their understanding and teaching practices around specific sustainability issues, linking relevant content materials and pedagogical approaches
  • PCK Reference Sheets: for teachers to develop their pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) around everyday ethology, human science research, and NetLogo model content material
  • Unit Design Templates: for the design and sharing of issue-specific lessons, building on the EMPOWER educational design framework (Porosoff & Weinstein, 2017)


  • Porosoff, L., & Weinstein, J. (2017). EMPOWER Your Students: Tools to Inspire a Meaningful School Experience, Grades 6-12. Bloomington, Indiana, USA: Solution Tree Press.