Reports and Educational Resources

Our Teacher's Guide to Evolution, Behavior, and Sustainability Science

Our teacher's guide provides a free and fun overview of the big ideas, essential questions, and core concepts behind the Global ESD project. It is a great starting point for using the resources and teaching materials on this website.

Teaching Human Behavior

A Guide to Lesson Material Development and Evaluation

The scientific fields of evolutionary anthropology and behavioral sciences have produced a wealth of new insights into the nature of human behavior, cognition and culture, especially in the last several decades. For complex reasons, the research questions, concepts, methods, and insights of these fields have not trickled down into general education curricula and teaching practice in a manner that would allow teachers and students to gain a deeper understanding of our species, and make use of this knowledge for their own lives, and towards a sustainable development of society as a whole. This short resource offers a guide to educators and pre-service teachers on the development and evaluation of novel teaching materials for connecting human behavior across subject areas.

Community Science Field Guide

For School Culture

Schools are central social environments for young people to grow and develop themselves. How schools are governed, and which norms, values, and institutions get adopted, can all drive major life trajectories for how students think about their own learning and civic capacities and about the world they live in. This community science field guide provides supports for students around the world to investigate and strengthen the cooperation dynamics of their own school governance systems.

Community Science Field Guide

For School Gardens

School gardens offer immense learning potential, yet organizing and sustaining such learning environments is notoriously challenging. This community science field guide provides theoretical background and tools for students and teachers to investigate and strengthen the cooperative dynamics of their own school gardens.

The Covid-19 pandemic situation requires schools and students to radically and immediately adapt learning processes to more distributed, digital, and home-based learning strategies for an indefinite period of time. How diverse communities and individuals experience these changes provides an opportunity to reflect on the purpose and design of schools and how schools can best meet the needs of all students and communities around the world.

The Evolving Schools project works with students, teachers, and scientists to understand and influence the cultural evolution of schools.

Download the project report to see what we accomplished during the 2019-2020 school year.

Educational Development & Community Science Lab

2020 Year End Report

Our 2020 Year End Report, presenting our educational development activities in cooperation with the Comparative Cultural Psychology Department of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

EvoLeipzig Community Science Lab

2019 Year End Report

Our sister organization in Germany, EvoLeipzig, works to advance a community science lab that brings the Global ESD design concept to life within the city of Leipzig. Read about the diverse activities of this initiative in our 2019 year end report.