Our Projects

GlobalESD.org supports a diversity of educational development intitiatives internationally through partnerships, coordination, outreach, and the creation of teaching materials.

EvoLeipzig: Teaching and Learning about Human Evolution

With our partners in Leipzig, Germany, we are working to advance real-world classroom initiatives, teacher professional development, and regional partnerships that apply the basic Global ESD Design Concept to advance science and sustainability education.

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Zur deutschen Seite: http://EvoLeipzig.GlobalESD.org

EvoKids: An International Network For Learning About Evolution With Kids

EvoKids is an International Network of educators, researchers, science communicators, artists, science centers, botanical gardens, NGOs, and Institutions of Higher Education working on the common aim of strengthening evolution education for children aged 3-12.

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Global ESD in Madagascar

Global ESD coordinators have been collaborating with the higher education teacher training programs of Madagascar since 2012, with an aim to integrate evolutionary, behavioral, and sustainability sciences as a foundation for interdisciplinary competencies as a new approach to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

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