Learning from each other and collaborating around the things that matter to us

is core to what it means to be human.

And so we are engaged in fostering, or are active members in, a diversity of international networks and projects working towards the educational aims and vision that are the foundations of Global ESD. We strongly encourage you to explore the communities below and get involved where you feel inspired to do so!

Prosocial World & Prosocial Schools

Catalyzing positive cultural change by consciously evolving who we are, how we connect with each other, and how we interact with the planet

Prosocial World is an organization, a framework and a method based on evolutionary and behavioral science, including the science on human cooperation and psychological flexibility, to enhance cooperation and collaboration in groups of all types towards the achievement of shared aims.

Prosocial Schools is a circle within Prosocial World, aiming to empower teachers, students and other stakeholders of education systems with the knowledge and skills to shape their school culture towards well-being, prosociality, sustainability, and other shared aims and purposes of schools.


Teaching and learning about the evolution of music

EvoKids global

Teaching and learning about evolution in primary school

Education to save the world

Empowering students to create a more just, sustainable, and healthy world

Modern Literacies Network - an initiative of Education to save the world

Building an ecology of practices and pedagogies for navigating our complex world


Evolutionary Knowledge for Everyone

Global ESD is proud to be an EvoKE Associated Project, part of an international network committed to advancing evolutionary knowledge for everyone. Check out the project website and get involved to advance evolution education innovations in your country and areas of interest!

The Association for Contextual Behavioral Science

Dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering and the advancement of human well-being through research and practice grounded in contextual behavioral science

We are part of the following Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within ACBS:

  • ACT in Education SIG

  • Children, Adolescents & Families SIG

  • Evolution Science SIG

  • Comparative Psychology SIG

The Cultural Evolution Society

Advancing the research and applications of cultural evolutionary studies, and supporting all evolutionary approaches to the study of human and nonhuman animal culture

The Cooperation Science Network

The Cooperation Science Network is a group of scholars spanning many disciplines that come together to understand the fundamental principles driving cooperation and the forces that can compromise it.