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Global ESD works internationally to support sustainability education initiatives that connect human evolution, behavioral ecology, and sustainability science. By linking scientific perspectives on social change with students and classrooms seeking to make the world a better place, our aim is to foster a more global discussion about where we are going in the light of where we all have come from.

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Today's global society faces major challenges in achieving the #GlobalGoals of sustainably securing resources, achieving social justice, and providing access to good education, health and human well-being for all.

What can we learn from the communities of the world, from our evolutionary history, and from other living beings about how to master the challenges of cooperation? Research from biology, economics, anthropology, and behavioral science increasingly provide insights into the conditions and principles for sustainable community living across contexts. In this light, an understanding of the origins and complex dynamics of human social behavior can help students understand today's challenges of global collaboration and collective problem-solving.

Cultural Evolution in the Biology Classroom

Poster Presented at the Inaugural Conference of the Cultural Evolution Society, September 13-15, 2017, Jena, Germany.

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