Open Science

Our commitment to advancing an open, networked, and interdisciplinary education science

The challenges facing education in the 21st century are too important and too complex to be studied behind closed doors. There are increasing calls from education researchers to advance a networked, collaborative, and open education science (Makel et al. 2019; van der Zee & Reich 2018). Open Science Practices (OSP) are central to the development of more networked and collaborative approaches. This page frames the basic OSP and Open Education Work Flow we are committed to working towards as we advance our own research and support of young scientists and pre-service teacher students in conducting coordinated thesis work within our educational design concept.

Open Science Practices within the Open Education Science Work Flow

Adapted from: van der Zee, T., & Reich, J. (2018). Open education science. AERA Open, 4(3), 2332858418787466.

Advancing an open, networked, and interdisciplinary evolution education research community

Global ESD is supporting the development the development of the OpenEvo network, hosted by the Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

The network has several aims:

  • To advance open science practices in evolution education research

  • To advance networked improvement science in evolution education research

  • To advance interdisciplinary approaches in human evolution education and educational research

  • To support undergraduate, masters, and PhD student thesis work

    • Development of coordinated undergraduate and graduate thesis opportunities

    • Development of coordinated teacher training / professional development programs

    • Development of Lesson / Thesis Database

    • Publication and communication of learning potentials and challenges

    • Structuring of research coordination and collaboration infrastructure


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