Join Your Network

Connect to immersion teachers and hosts in your area

Current regions: Denver, Nuremberg & Mexico City

Regions under development: Dakar, Senegal, Munich, Germany & Harbin, China.

Choose your region to view your local teaching team, host, and student summaries. Your student will meet with your teaching team and virtual classmates at a host home as close to your neighborhood as possible. Up to six virtual students, from all over the world, will also attend class with your student. GEN organizes a truly international education experience.

Four Membership Options:

  1. Attend virtually via G Suite for Education: For those outside our current service areas

$2,500 per year

2. Attend in-person with a small group at a local host home

$7,900 per year

3. Become a host for your own student and his/her classmates, teaching-team and virtual students.

$4,900 per year

4. Part-time: Attend the German Network in person from 1:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.

$6,900 per year

For stability, membership is required for the full school year. We must be committed to each other.

Membership can only be prorated for the Spring 2018 semester (50%).

These numbers are preliminary. They assume 10% for MAST (marketing/administration/sales/ technology team), 70%-85% for teachers and 20% and 5% for hosts. The two tiers reflect face to face versus virtual enrollments.