Global Education Network

Global Education Network: GEN

GEN is a 3-branch network connecting students, bilingual immersion teachers and residential spaces: "hosts". The network uses an app to coordinate locations, languages, grade-levels and safe spaces. GEN is a hybrid education that combines the benefits of a private school education with aspects of the home school environment.

Guiding Principle: Knowledge is free; teachers are not.

What's different about GEN? GEN connects bilingual, experienced immersion teachers with face to face & virtual students AND provides connections to host homes, so GEN parents can work normal business hours. While homeschool networks get students together for play dates, GEN connects your student to professional teachers and arranges safe, inspected, supervised learning spaces. Generally, your student will have four teachers: Two on Monday Wednesday and Friday. And two on Tuesday and Thursday.

Where is the Network? The network is virtual and local. See the map below for the chapter nearest you. If GEN is not in your region, it soon will be: For now, join the network as a virtual member. If you are a bilingual teacher or concerned parent, see the Partner Page for guidelines for forming your own local chapter. Chapter leaders earn a small commission.

Why: Education is not functioning for all students. Many parents would love to solve their disenchantment with schools by home schooling their children, but they have to work during the day. Plus, they worry their children would not enjoy the social benefits of a structured school day with other students and experienced, professional teachers. Because of cost and location, private school is rarely an option. The Global Education Network provides infrastructure that makes hybrid education convenient and affordable. It connects experienced immersion teachers and students to safe residential spaces; "host homes". It provides a platform for global students to attend your student's classes virtually. GEN organizes rich learning environments: safe spaces, students who want to learn, experienced bilingual teachers and students from varied backgrounds. It is not just the way education will work in the future, it is the solution to failing schools.

The Students: Their parents want the highest quality education, language immersion, and a supervised space for them during the workday. Some of them left private immersion schools. Some are international visitors. Some left an inadequate public, charter immersion school but want to continue the language instruction. All of them want higher standards, devoted teachers and a gun free, bully-free learning environment. (Link to parent and student voices)

The Teachers: They are highly qualified bilingual professionals who love teaching. Some are: Semi-retired, home with children, disillusioned with public school, living abroad or underemployed. They all have stories to tell; talent to share, as they hail from around the globe. They all have completed background checks, experience verification, appropriate education and have outstanding character references. (link to teacher interviews about why they are in the GEN Network, and link to teaching teams page)

The Homes: Belong to high quality, but home-bound individuals—They may be caring for an elderly parent, on disability, nurturing a baby, working from home, semi-retired, going to school online, etc. They complete background checks and home visits. Their character references are verified. Not every student needs to be connected to a daytime learning space, but for parents who work outside the home, they are essential. (link to video tours of the homes and interviews with hosts)

The Mission: Provide access to safe, high quality, multilingual education.

Structure: GEN is a network. It connects. Although GEN utilizes the Google Classroom platform and associated teachers adhere to the same curriculum, it is not a school. It is a connection service. It is a club: A group of people who believe that education is not about walls and desks, but connecting to award winning teachers in small-group settings. It is managed by a group of independent thinkers who put their children’s educations first. (illustration and link to assessment instruments and founders' testimony)

Parents have several structural options. The easiest option is to register with your local school district as a homeschooling family. In most states, this is a single form and annual submission of sample schoolwork. Click here to access your area's home school instructions (link) .

Option 2: Attend your local public school during regular school hours, and attend GEN virtually, on off days, in the afternoon and throughout the summer (especially our German Network Partners).

Option 3: Register for a free, accredited online school such as Your teaching team will support the K12 program by guiding your child through the course work and building accompanying immersion-style interactions and support lessons. (link to k-12 info) This is a good option for accelerated/ gifted students. GEN solves the safe space and supervision problem for working parents who want to join K-12, but cannot due to their employment schedules.

GEN's financial structure shares profits with the teachers in proportion to their schedule, parent reviews and student outcomes. Tuition is disbursed directly to the teachers, the administration and technology team and the hosts according to your student's enrollment: Virtual or face to face.

The Curriculum: The curriculum is based on Dr. E.D. Hirsch Jr.’s Core Knowledge series. It is presented in Mandarin, French, Spanish, German and English. The curriculum is augmented with global cultural perspectives and International Baccalaureate (IB) competencies. The reading section uses an auditory, phonics-centered approach that accounts for multiple learning styles including dyslexic learning. Whole language perspectives are represented in the selection of epic literature and Common Core recommended literature, which should not be confused with "Core Knowledge Curriculum." For an explanation of the difference between the two, enjoy this video:

Why is GEN a better option than home school? To understand the benefit of using the network, read about our teaching teams (link). Our teachers are uniquely qualified to expand your child's frame of reference. Start by meeting our lead teacher Ms. Chen (link to video introduction).

Variety. Your child is a sponge who benefits from the variety of perspectives, education and talent of a teaching team. Plus, your child will establish relationships with virtual students from around the globe. Instead of looking inward, within a family or religious group, GEN fosters the global perspective and language skills that your child will need to succeed. The network opens doors and prepares your child for a rich, intriguing future.

Parental burnout. GEN is better than home school because instead of one parent providing education, four highly trained and experienced immersion teachers with ongoing development training and support are working together to challenge your student.

GEN provides the most intense, immersive, accelerated education available today. (link to enroll)

Cost: (These numbers are temporary and aspirational: We are not live yet. They are a statement of our goals; not intended as a contract)

Students can enroll in full time, on site face to face instruction for $7,900, part-time instruction for $6,900, virtual-only instruction for $2,500, or full time, face to face, as a host home provider for $4,900. (Link to enroll) The program costs listed are for a 182-day school year. Prorated rates will only be available for the spring semester of 2018. The year-long requirement is to ensure stability and security for all stakeholders: students, teachers and hosts.


GEN will officially launch in August, 2018, but local chapters are forming now.

Finances and Accreditation:

As a fiscally conservative measure, GEN is not certified by any officiating body; We enjoy all the benefits of well established methods and curriculum, but none of the fees-- which range in the tens of thousands of dollars. We refuse to participate in bureaucracy. As such, our official structure is as a learning club: We collect membership dues and distribute them to other club members whose roles differ (teaching leaders, organizers and hosts).

This philosophy closely aligns with the unschool movement and independently minded homeschoolers, private schools, forest schools and scholars from the beginning of time.

"Education is not filling a vessel, it is lighting a fire!"

-Widely attributed to Plutarch, 66 CE