Augmented Core Knowledge Curriculum*

The GEN immersion program closely adheres to Dr. Hirsch's Core Knowledge Curriculum. It was chosen for its compounding structure that builds on prior years' instruction. It sets high standards for math and science that use Singapore Math and international standards such as the TIMSS. GEN teachers are encouraged to expand on topics according to student interest, and the subjects they have expert knowledge of. For example, several of our teachers have advanced degrees in subjects other than teaching. Others, earned science degrees before their teaching certifications.

*Because GEN finds the euro-centric emphasis of the Core Knowledge Curriculum culturally insufficient, it is generously supplemented by global perspectives. Globally focused grit and civility training like the International Baccalaureate* progression for K-12 is used to digest, summarize, internalize and interpret the curriculum.

Delivery is as diverse as students are unique. The teachers are trained to assess students' learning style for aptitude in visual, verbal, spatial, and kinesthetic learning proclivities. They use inductive and deductive reasoning, audio, visual, textual and experiential teaching methods. The use of Active, Reflective, Global (intuitive), Socratic, Montessori (child-centered) and content-centered (phonics, for example) methods are used as appropriate, based on initial student assessments and follow-up observations.

*Used as guidance. As a fiscally conservative measure, GEN is not certified by any officiating body.