Become a Host

Hosts earn 20% of tuition (about $3,000 per school year (USA182 days)), paid in two installments of about $1,500.

Hosts provide a large table, six chairs, internet access, appropriate climate control, good lighting, a calm, quiet, safe environment and light supervision of the teachers and students. Hosts provide bathroom tissue: Ask parents to provide facial tissue. Hosts are inspected by the GEN marketing/administration/sales/ technology/ (MAST) team annually for safety and reasonable cleanliness. Annual background checks are done for each adult who resides at the home.

Light supervision:

Monitor your home for safety issues before class each day.

Submit weekly summaries via e-mail (regular process for documenting, reporting teacher and student issues, identifying opportunities for training, checking in, being proactive, making structural suggestions, etc.)

Reasonable cleanliness:

Use a cloth and 1 tablespoon of bleach per 1 quart water to sanitize bathroom, light switches and door handles at least twice a week

Basic safety:

Keep your cleaning chemicals, medications, kitchen knives, etc. in separate, easy to move boxes so you can lock them in a designated cupboard/ closet/ car/ shed during the day and replace them easily when needed. Secure bookcases, dresser drawers and televisions to the walls with brackets. If you have blinds, shorten the cords. Install bumpers on all pointy corners (tables, fireplace). Install sliding safety covers on outlets.



Locks are inexpensive and easy to install: