Global Since Birth

This website is a developing collection of websites, resources and tools as well as ways to use them to develop cultural awareness and global competence in children.

Website authors: Anne Mlod and Victoria Calarco see About Us for more information.

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What is Global Education?

Why should students be globally competent?

Global education prepares students to be global citizens, by developing an awareness and curiosity about how the world works. Globally competent students are able to perform the following four competencies:*

  1. Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment.

  2. Recognize perspectives, others' and their own.

  3. Communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences, bridging geographic, linguistic, ideological, and cultural barriers.

  4. Take action to improve conditions.

*Asia Society, Education for Global Competency

  • There are over 45 million people in the United States who were born in another country. (source: Pew Research Center, 2015)

  • Foreign-based companies employ almost seven million workers in the United States (US Bureau of Economic Analysis, 2015)

  • Our students deserve not only to learn about the world but also how to interact globally and make a difference in the world.