Global Plant Health Assessment

Photo : Serge Savary

Welcome to the website of the Global Plant Health Assessment (GPHA)

2020 was declared the International Year of Plant Health by the General Assembly of the United Nations in order to raise global awareness on the importance of plant health for humans, societies, and the world. This website reports volunteered efforts made by a community of scientists worldwide who are concerned by the importance and the global state of plant health, and the implications of faltering plant health on global nutrition, on the equilibria of ecosystems, and the daily contribution of plants to the beauty of our world.

Photo: Serge Savary

Plants mean life on Earth. Plants generate the oxygen that we, as all animals, need to live; plants store carbon dioxide, and in so doing, they cool the climate; plants provide food and shelter for all forms of life; plants filter the air we breathe and the water we drink; and plants both produce and retain soil. Diseased plants cannot perform these tasks anymore. Living and healthy plants also are the very essence of re-creation, of culture, and of beauty around us. Healthy living plants are essential to the mind. Human beings are becoming increasingly unaware of the importance of plants in their daily life. For too long a time, humans have taken for granted the food, the air, the water, the beauty and peace that healthy plants produce and maintain all around us. Humans are now altogether forgetting the role of plants in their lives. We believe that reconnecting humans with the reality of plants, with plant life surrounding us, and with Nature in general, is a powerful way to improve the well-being of individuals and human societies.

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