Here your money makes the money for you!

Trade program

For privileged investor, you are invited as a preferred customer.

Prior to the invitation, you would have passed the KYC and Financial Credibility papers (PoF) that you are the owner of the funds/assets that has been submitted.

Then on, the execution of all the essential legal and mutual commitments to be specified in the Investment Agreement and, hence, a meeting shall be arranged, when needed.

Especially design and implemented by the Trader, the trading is a secured buy-sell trading of MTN live notes that is done within the safety of a “no loss” trading framework, where with the Client’s capital is under no threat of depletion.

The Trader uses his own Credit Line to delivered against the Blocking of the Client's Funds and then the Trading Facility (Private Placement Program) will start.

The Gross Profits/Returns of the Trading Facility are split transparently according to the Contract Agreement.

Acceptable Client:

The Client must be the:

1. Beneficial Owner of the Funds/Asset. The Client is holding

2. Sole signatory Power​

Acceptable Asset:

1. Cash deposit on a regulated bank account

2. SBLC/BG (Leased SBLC/BG is not acceptable)




100M-120M or more.If the Funds are less than 100M, on a case-by-case basis: Open from time to time.

Bank where Funds are deposited:

No Transfer, if the Funds are deposited in a Prime Bank accepted by the Trader. Banks in Western Europe, Middle East (UAE, Bahrain or KSA), Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, North America are acceptable.

When the Funds are requested to be transferred, on a case-by-case basis, they will always be under the exclusive control of the Client, in an account in his name and under his own signature.

The Funds must be immediately available to the Client, free of any restrictions, third-party interests or encumbrances, and freely transferable upon the Client's sole instructions.

Status of Funds:

Clean & cleared of liens or pledge.​