Bitcoin: Sales and Purchase

Purchaser 1:

Payment is MT103 from HSBC UK.

Buyer wants a test of even 2-3 bitcoins to his wallet account. And will pay for the test and send money in advance for the second tranche at least 20k btc per tranche even more he is ready to buy all the bitcoins seller possess up to 150k in 20k tranches it depends on the seller.

Purchaser 2:

Our Bitcoin buyer ready to close the trial test.

Payment via HSBC UK

Let me know amount of test you can handle

Buyer will pay as soon as the test is confirmed in his wallet, and pay additional amount for more Bitcoins for the second tranche via MT103. Within 24hrs from his bank account in HSBC UK.

They can buy a contract of 20,000 Bitcoins or more after the test.

Let seller tell us amount of test he can send to buyer wallet and buyer will pay for the test and second tranche within 24hrs via mt103 via HSBC Bank UK.