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Glenn Meadows Home Owners Association

Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2017

  1. President Fred Dubay welcomed home owners to the 2017 Annual General Membership Meeting of the Glenn Meadows Home Owners Association (GMHOA). The annual meeting is required by our by-laws and provides an opportunity to discuss items of common concern and interest, as well as a chance to meet and socialize with our neighbors.
  2. President Dubay introduced David Assam, VP and co-owner of the Bavarian Inn and the VP of GMHOA, and thanked him for hosting the annual meeting at the Bavarian Inn.
  3. President Dubay introduced the other Board members: Rick Caruso, Treasurer; Marie DeWalt, Secretary; Marilyn Bisher, Ron Evans, Sandie Grantham, and Stan Hodziewich. Thanks to Board members for their service in 2016.
  4. Secretary Marie DeWalt distributed minutes from the two meeting that were held in 2016. One was the annual meeting held on January 13, 2016 and the other was a Board meeting held on March 10, 2016.
  5. Treasurer Rick Caruso presented the financial reports, which are included on the following pages of these minutes.
  6. President Dubay described the following key issues that were addressed by the GMHOA Board in 2016: Security issues (cars); roads (plowing); and approval of a homeowner’s reconstruction after fire. He went on to note the following:
    1. We started 2016 with four feet of snow, which was quickly cleared by Kenny Shipley. Kenny is available to clear individual driveways; his number is 304-279-1885.
    2. Everyone is encouraged to keep the children in the neighborhood safe by having them wear helmets when riding bikes, etc. We all need to drive carefully, obeying the 15 MPH speed limit.
    3. We added a painted stripe to our roads so that the school buses will come into the community.
  7. President Dubay described the Board’s responsibilities:
    1. Meet the common needs of our homes and lot owners;
    2. Keep our development neat, clean and orderly;
    3. Promote a spirit of friendliness and cooperation; and
    4. Preserve or improve our property values.
    5. The GMHOA looks out for the general community and GMHOA interests. However, the HOA does not replace the role of police, fire, the Jefferson County government, etc.
  8. President Dubay reminded everyone that Board members are volunteers. We always are looking for more participation by other home owners. These positions should not take more than a few hours every six months or so to get ready for meetings and attend meetings.
  9. The following home owners were elected to serve on the GMHOA Board for 2017:
          1. David Asam
          2. Melissa Auldridge
          3. Rick Caruso
          4. Marie DeWalt
          5. Fred Dubay
          6. Sandie Grantham
          7. Stanley Hoziewich
          8. Ari Sarousi
          9. Colin Voight
  10. President Dubay indicated that a review of dues may be in order for 2017. The last increase was in 2009. The Board will discuss this issue in the coming months.
  11. It was agreed that a review of the road conditions and an assessment of potential costs for repairs and paving should be undertaken. Walt DeWalt volunteered to work with Rick Caruso to research these issues.
  12. In the days following the annual meeting, the Board members conducted an election of officers via email. The following officers were elected for 2017:

President - Fred Dubay

Vice President - David Asam

Treasurer - Rick Caruso

Secretary - Marie DeWalt