Glassy Mountain Chapel Committee

Donation Policy

As a general rule, the Committee will make a donation to at least one charity at least once per calendar year. The period for selecting charity organizations should be between March and November. The Committee may elect at the time of a particular donation period not to donate at that time. Majority rule will apply and there is an expectation that the reason not to donate will be of major importance or impact on the Committee or chapel.

Ideally, two or three charities will be chosen at that time. The Committee, of course, at any time may elect – via a majority vote – to make special donations.

$500 will be set aside for each of the yearly charities selected unless otherwise voted upon by a majority vote of the Committee. Additional gifts given, if any, will be decided by majority vote.

Any member of the Committee may present suggestions for donations, keeping in mind the Conflict of Interest Policy manual. It is hoped that each member will offer only one charity until all members have had an opportunity to either choose or not participate that particular year. The consent of the majority will decide on charities presented. It is the intention of the Committee to keep donations within the local area, unless otherwise voted upon by all the current c members. Each person nominating a charity will provide a written explanation as to the needs and why the charity was chosen. A representative from the nominated charity will be invited to speak at a regularly scheduled Committee meeting explaining their needs.

It is expected that all selected charities will provide a written acknowledgement of the gift. When received, this acknowledgment will be posted on a bulletin board at the Glassy Chapel for at least one month. It will also be posted on our website, on the back of summer bulletins, announced at worship services, and mentioned in letters to residents regarding summer services. The year end annual report will include the gift recipient, purpose, date, and amount.

Where the gift is given to an individual, for personal reasons the gift will only be mentioned in the annual report, with the purpose omitted. Any funds not used for operational purposes or gifting will be carried over to the next year’s budget.

A charity representative will be invited to the chapel on “Praise Sunday” to acknowledge the gift and mention how it was used. However, this is not a

requirement to receive the funds. If a charity representative is not available to speak on “Praise Sunday,” then the Committee member who nominated the charity will speak in the charity’s behalf.

From time to time the Committee will see fit to provide gifts or donations because:

  • A member of the Cliffs community has lost a loved one or is suffering in other ways.

  • A member of the Cliffs staff requires financial help, or has provided exceptional and extraordinary service to the Cliffs Community.

  • A member of the Cliffs community has provided exceptional or extraordinary service to the spiritual welfare of the community.

Such gifts and donations will be brought before the Committee through a written nomination as needed or recognized. The Committee will deliberate according to the processes described in the Committee’s documents regarding decision making and Conflict of Interest Policy.

From time to time, as a result of the Donation Process, charities will be selected for which the Committee performs a fundraising activity. Funds are passed directly through to the charity. In the accounting books, an income entry is made for any funds collected and an expense entry (check) of the same amount is made for the charity.