Window & Glass Repair Service

Your Glass Repaired, without the Hassle

So many people overlook the need to take care of their glass on a consistent basis. Sure, it might be easy to wipe it over from time to time to keep it shiny, but did you know that even a clean window might be suffering with certain types of damage?

From internal cracks that can affect the structure, right through to surface warping – if you don’t have your glass checked from time to time you could end up facing a need to replace it entirely!

Our Glass Repair Service

Not only are our glaziers some of the most highly trained and experienced in the country; we’ve been offering our services for years. In that time we’ve learnt all that there is to know about glass!

We’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this means that whether you’re facing an emergency, or if you don’t mind waiting a few hours (or days) to enjoy our expertise – then we are here to help.

How Can We Help?

From the moment that you get in touch with one of our friendly team, we’ll pull out all of the stops to learn about your needs, your preferences and how we could make your glass repair project as stress-free for you as it is effective.

We don’t rush in head first and tackle a repair job without giving it careful consideration – in fact once you give us an idea of what needs doing, we’ll set about evaluating the condition of your glass, investigating any problems that might be present and then suggesting the most effective way to take care of the repair!

And we’ll do all of this without wasting your time, or expecting you to fork out huge sums of cash for a job that should be as quick as it is affordable.

How can you decide with so many good companies out there?

It’s easy really. There are just three factors that you’ll need to consider – the cost, the reputation, the location.

With these three things in mind you could easily get in touch with an agency to see how much they charge (or to ask for a quote) and whilst waiting, you could take a look at third party review websites to gauge the reputation of the company in question.

Their location should be easy to find as well, with most providing information on the areas within Melbourne that they cover, or how far they are willing to travel to look after the needs of their clientele.

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