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My long-term research interest is modeling energy transport in complex materials by merging continuum methods (e.g., finite elements) with atomistic methods, such as molecular dynamics and density functional theory. Currently, I am focusing on nanoscale heat transport in nanostructured materials for high-efficiency thermal energy conversion, with an emphasis on porous materials. I recently released OpenBTE, an open source sofware for nanoscale heat transport calculations. I have been a research scientist in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT since 2014 and visiting scientist in the Mathematics Department since Aug. 2017. I joined Professor J. C. Grossman's lab at MIT as a visiting scientist in late 2010 and later, in 2011, as a Postdoctoral Associate. I received my Ph.D. in 2010 from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where I worked on the development of a multiscale simulator for physics simulation, TibeCAD, which was developed into a commercial product. I believe that simulations are crucial not only for research, but for STEM education as well. To this end, I am about to release AlterX, a mobile app that solves the diffusive heat conduction equation with different boundary conditions. In my free time, I enjoy reading biographies, playing the piano, and dancing to Latin music.