Giuseppe Di Caprio, PhD

Instructor in Pediatrics (Research Assistant Professor)

Harvard Medical School - Department of Cell Biology

Boston Children's Hospital - Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Massachusetts General Hospital - Center for Systems Biology

My first experiment as a kid consisted of burning paper with a lens. I then used the same lens to project reversed images of a pine tree from my bedroom window. I ended up working in optical microscopy: collecting images of biological samples and trying to pull out quantitative information from those images. And it's still a lot of fun!

I am an optical physicist by training. I earned an international PhD in Imaging Technique, a joint program of the CNR in Naples and the Université Libre de Bruxelles, developing Phase Microscopy systems for cell analysis and tracking. I then landed at the Rowland Institute at Harvard, working in the Optofluidic Citofluorimetry Lab led by Ethan Schonbrun. Three years later, I joined the Kirchhausen Lab, realm of single molecule calibration and quantitative fluorescent microscopy. Click on the research section for more details on what I do.