Welcome to the Smart Microscopy Lab

In the Smart Microscopy Lab we focus on understanding how to connect bioimage analysis with computer-controlled microscopy to generate automated and adaptive imaging workflows and to enable quantitative and statistically meaningful results in complex biological systems. This approach brings new challenges, such as performing real-time image processing, accessing and controlling instrument hardware via suitable software, designing efficient workflows, and handling large data sets during operation. The possibilities to combine different imaging technologies, to trigger imaging modalities based on the real-time image analysis results, and to synchronize image acquisition with external devices for sample manipulation (i.e., liquid handling or cell manipulation) enable the automation of complex workflows. Such workflows allow researchers to acquire images in a less biased, more reproducible, and faster way than manual imaging by means of experiments otherwise hardly feasible. Deep reinforcement learning algorithms are a promising neural network-based controller for adaptive microscopes.


PhD studentship available:
AI-powered Smart Microscopy for Stem-Cell Engineering

We are hiring for an exciting PhD opportunity in smart microscopy and cell engineering! Start date is projected to be October 2023. Get in touch for more details or visit to the application page.


Prof. Massimo Vassalli

James Watt School of Enginnering

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Department of System Biology

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Dr. Carlo Iorio

Center for Research and Engineering in Space Technologies

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