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As though you didn't just experience emotional trauma at the hands of a paperback.

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Giulia Lagomarsino (@crazybookladyluv) is an author and stay at home mom of three, living in St. Paul, Minnesota. In her free time she enjoys, ....wait, she has three kids. When her kids are sleeping, she writes, and reads. She loves to spend time with family. Giulia's first series of books, For the Love of a Good Woman, debuted in 2017. Her next series, titled Reed Security, will have some overlap with the first series, but will focus on the characters at Sebastian's security firm.

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Lola "Brave" Pruitt has dealt with more nightmares in her time at Reed Security than she can handle. It's time for her to move on and really start living her life without her demons tormenting her. When she finds another lost soul, Ryan Jackson, in a bar one night, she may just find her salvation. But Ryan is just as damaged as Lola and her lifestyle is one thing that he may not be able to live with.

“Ladies, I’m going to demonstrate how you can take out someone that is coming at you from the front. Now, Derek is going to come at me.” I motioned him forward and I saw a glint of fear in his eyes. I raised an eyebrow and motioned him forward. He ran toward me full force and I struck out with the heel of my hand, hitting him directly in the nose and sending him backward. Then I swung my foot as hard as I could into his nuts. He bent forward with a loud groan and collapsed on the floor in a lovely shade of red, breathing like he was in labor.

One of his eyes peeked open and he nodded slightly to me, as if to say that he was giving in. I smiled sweetly and turned back to the girls.

“The heel of your hand is your best bet. Thrust it up hard into his nose. You’ll break it, leaving him disoriented with blurry vision. Then, you take him down once more where it hurts most. Make that kick count. You don’t want him recovering too fast.”

Claire raised her hand high in the air.


“How long is too fast?”

“He’ll definitely be down long enough for you to get away.”

“But, I mean, when will his functions recover? You know, his manly bits. Because I had this scenario I wanted to try later tonight and I want to know if I have to change my plans.”

“Change your plans,” Derek grunted. He stood slightly and shuffled off to the wall where he sank down in a tight ball.

“One more example before you all begin. Hunter? Would you care to join me?”

He narrowed his eyes at me and slowly shook his head.

“Hunter, don’t be such a baby,” Lucy shouted. “Come on. This is to help us out.”

Hunter shot a death look at his fiancée but stepped forward.

“Okay, Hunter is going to come at me from behind and wrap his arms around me in a bear hug.”

“No,” he said firmly.

“What’s wrong, Hunter? Are you scared of a woman?”

“Yes,” he said immediately.