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Mina Culver-Tucker

Youth Program Director

We are so excited to be partnering with Dr. John C. Maxwell to provide FREE Youth Leadership Programs to the youth. YES... FREE HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Because many of today’s teenagers equate leadership with position, abuse of power, bribery, and corruption, few young people have a healthy and correct understanding of what leadership is and how they can apply it to their lives and the lives of others. John C. Maxwell has partnered with educational institutions around the world to produce this program and reverse the negative portrayal of leadership. This program offers a desirable portrait of leadership based on values that can be applicable to a student’s life — values that teenagers can admire, implement, and choose to aspire to for a more positive and sustained style of leadership.

Heaven Ross


Karde'Ja Ross

Vice President

Angel Myers





To create a united FORCE of women business owners and leaders, while developing young girls to govern the WORLD and relieve the QUEEN BEE SYNDROME!


To eliminate stereotypes for women and girls in the workplace, schools, and communities. Provide a sanctuary for women and girls to produce intentional growth, success, and significance. Generate essential resources to elevate women and girls to an entrepreneurial mindset and executive leadership.


You must have a clear vision of what you want your future to look like. We help them set S.M.A.R.T. goals, assist in career planning, learn time allocation and energy management, become financially literate and build faith, show commitment and accountability. Bonuses of the belonging to Girl PowerUP Youth Group is being a part of a community that is empowered with leadership, personal development, safety, health and beauty skills. We will focus on the 5 rules of Transformation to help mold our young women into successful productive leaders of the future.


  1. Transformational leader: motivational force for others to change/make change possible for others
  2. Good values taught and lived out: educate the mind but have left the soul bankrupt (will be successful but leaning against the wrong)
  3. Through small groups: life change happens, going for the heart, and got to know yourself
    • Law of awareness ---> care * help * trust
  4. Youth element: long-term influence
  5. Transformation

If you're looking for a place to belong, learn and grow...Girl PowerUP Youth Group is where you want to be. We are always ready to accept the challenge and assist in your young lady's success. Join Now!