Mateus Oazem

Future Thinker / Future Writer / Future Facilitator _
currently, Senior Storytelling Advisor @ Google, for Google Cloud LatAm, and Narrative Leader @ gira.


Awards & Recognition


Future Thinker
[MIT Covid-19 Hackathon, Creative Thinking, Team Winner] - Livestream Now, social healing through entertainment

Future Facilitator
[Brasil Design Awards 2020, Service Design, Silver] - Future Stories Deck >2020, design fiction deck


Future Writer
Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade, Branded Content for Web, Bronze] - Pensamentos Recorrentes, narrative podcasts

[Hyperwave Film Festival, Best Short Screenplay, Winner] - Luiz and the Machine, short screenplay & series pilot

Future Thinker
[Start-Up Spirit @ Oracle, Transformational Mindset, Winner] - Oracle LATAM individual contributor

[Top Contributors Brasil @ Oracle, Impact in Storytelling, Winner] - Oracle Brazil individual contributor

Made Possible by
key (formal) learning experiences



  • Creative Dialogues, or Diálogos Criativos: o personagem e a sua voz

  • Sci-fi, or Ficção Científica: Roteiro e Narrativa


Robert McKee's STORY Seminar, @NYC

  • Comedy, and Horror

  • Storynomics


Latin American Film Institute

  • Cinema School [Certification]


Miami Ad School

  • Roteiro Sem Drama, No Drama Writing


AIC (Academia Internacional de Cinema, or International Film Academy)

  • Roteiro para TV, or TV Writing

2012 - 2014

Instituto Europeo di Design

  • Design Thinking & Innovation [Specialization]

2008 - 2011

Centro Universitário Belas Artes

  • Marketing & Advertising, or Publicidade e Propaganda [Undergraduate]

2007 - 2008

E.TEC Adolpho Berezin

  • Informática / Computação, or Information Technology [Technical Degree]

Future _________ing @
key brands I was working for & making it work

  • 2022 - Today
    Google, @Google Cloud
    Senior Storytelling Advisor [Latin America]
    Leading the storytelling foundations, at visioning, enabling, and selling, for Latin America.

  • 2020
    Innovation Consultant [Latin America]
    Co-started the
    "The Future of ______" initiative, bringing an internal consultant view for industries.

  • 2018 - 2020
    Storytelling Lead [Latin America]
    Vale, Banco de Chile, Globo, TAM, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, and others.
    Co-created and started the first
    Strategic Design Lab in Oracle Latin America.

  • 2016 - Today
    Founder, and Narrative Leader
    Renner, Sky, Fundación Telefónica, Vivo, go.Gamers, directly or through partners.
    In five years, collecting selections and awards at Brazil, USA, India, Portugal, Canada, and Italy.

  • 2009 - 2013
    Foster [WPP Group]
    Head of Digital Strategy
    Colgate, Bayer Health Care, Goodyear, Merial, and many more customers.
    Co-created and started the first
    Transmedia Storytelling & Content Hub inside the group.

Future Making Projects

WIP - [Gaia, or G.A.I.A.] / A.I. Writing
Gira's Artificial Intelligence Author is an ever evolving A.I. hub, connecting many artificial intelligence writing services online, and creating our own take on creative writing. Now, as its last endeavor, Gaia is pitching us movies ideas.

Try - [Future Stories Deck >2020] / Creative Writing
The first Latin American deck for design fiction, and creative writing, awarded Silver as the best Service Design in Brasil Design Award 2020.
36 trend cards, divided into the suits of Issues, Characters and Worlds, to support the projection of future scenarios and business solutions for those tomorrows.

Listen - [Pensamentos Recorrentes, Recurring Thoughts] / Narrative Podcast
Combining interviews with psychologists and fictional episodes, this award-winning podcast portrays the dramas of depression and suicidal thoughts.
From Brazil, the most depressed and anxious country in Latin America, we hear from the sensitive Júlia how it feels to be alive and young in '19: no prospect of the future, but socially obliged to live it.

Read - [Avisos de um Futuro Qualquer, Luiz and The Machine: pilot] / Series
A series that interweaves episodes of fiction with documentary.
First, with dystopian narratives, we get to know the fears that await us in the future and, in the sequence, experts debate the scenario, how much we should fear it and the likely ways to change it. Selected for
pre-production by Na Laje Filmes and TeleImage. No greenlight beyond this point.