Giovanni Rolla, philosopher

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Hello! I am a Brazilian philosopher currently working as an associate professor at Federal University of Bahia (Brazil) and as a permanent member of the Graduate Program in Philosophy at the Federal University of PiauĂ­ (Brazil). My research is mainly about traditional epistemology - including conceptions of knowledge, normativity, perception and skepticism - and philosophy of cognition - including embodied views of cognition, radical enactivism and ecological psychology.

Oh, you came all the way down here? Cool! Let me tell you about my personal life: I am happily married with the love of my life, Martina Werner. We have a cat named Ostara, who oscillates between the devil incarnate and the sweetest thing ever. I like to play military shooters on my Xbox to pass the time (I am actually quite good at it). I love boxing, and I don't like to run and to workout, but I do it anyway.