My research focuses on business strategy, contracts, and organizational design, with an emphasis on the interaction between formal and relational governance mechanisms, and between governance and institutions.

Note: authors in a paper are listed in alphabetical order unless their contribution is unequal, in which case the order of authors reflects their relative contribution.

Main publications

Papers under review and completed working papers

Work in progress

  • Sleeping with the Enemy: Politicians’ Public and Private Responses to Reputational Threats in Lobbying Relationships,” with M. Espinosa and A. Ilango.

  • “Effort Allocation and Governance in Lobbying-Client Relationships: Evidence from the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act,” with M. Espinosa.

  • “Governing Adaptation: Evidence from Slot Exchanges in the US Airline Industry,” with R. Gil.

  • “Contracts as Management Practices: Evidence from Supplier Handbooks,” with N. Argyres and L. Bernstein.

  • "Blockchain: The Birth of Decentralized Governance," with B. Arruñada, M. Espinosa, and L. Garicano.

  • “Managing Social Comparisons in Organizations,” with O. Contreras and M. Fahn.

Book chapters

  • “Contracting in Innovative Industries,” with Ricard Gil, 2018, in Ménard, Claude, and Mary Shirley (editors), A Research Agenda for New Institutional Economics, Edward Elgar Publishers, 2018.

  • “Restricting Franchising: An Empirical Analysis of the Allocation of Control Rights in Car Dealership Contracts,” in CAFAGGI, F., Corporate Governance, Networks and Innovation, CEDAM, Padova, 2005.

Invited papers and other publications