My research focuses on business strategy, contracts, and organizational design, with an emphasis on the interaction between formal and relational governance mechanisms, and between governance and institutions.

Note: authors in a paper are listed in alphabetical order unless their contribution is unequal, in which case the order of authors reflects their relative contribution.

Main publications

Working papers

Work in progress

  • "Unpacking Interfirm Governance : Crossing the Fault Lines between Management and Economics," with N. Argyres and F. Lumineau.

  • “Effort Allocation and Governance in Lobbying-Client Relationships: Evidence from the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act,” with M. Espinosa.

  • “Governing Adaptation: Evidence from Slot Exchanges in the US Airline Industry,” with R. Gil.

  • “Contracts as Management Practices: Evidence from Supplier Handbooks,” with N. Argyres and L. Bernstein.

  • "Blockchain: The Birth of Decentralized Governance," with B. Arruñada, M. Espinosa, and L. Garicano.

  • “Managing Social Comparisons in Organizations,” with O. Contreras and M. Fahn.

Book chapters

Invited papers and other publications