Giorge Leedy was born in Mansfield Ohio in 1962 where he mostly grew up in the country. He also lived a few years in the small Village of Bellville Ohio. Since childhood, he has been highly creative and adventurous.

He served as a Yeoman in the U.S. Navy from 1983 to 1986 on the USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier. Following the military, he lived in various cities working a variety of jobs.

Born Michael James Leedy, he began going by Gio Leedy in the mid-1990s while pursuing a career as an artist.

In 1999, nearly 14 years after leaving the military, he rejoined the Navy and spent a year in Electronics School before working as a Yeoman on the USS Denver LPD-9. Following his second tour of duty, he amassed more experiences, travels, and homes across the United States.

In 2004, he began pursuing writing as a new career and ten years later he published his first books, From Lust To Love and Little Star Big Universe- now out of print. To Be His Life- When A Straight Man Strays is a major rewriting of his out-of-print novel From Lust To Love.

In 2015, Giorge began working in film as a writer, subject, cinematographer, editor, and associate producer under award-wining filmmaker Jason DaSilva.

In 2018, he published To Be His Life- When A Straight Man Strays; the first in a three part novel series. He also published Raven’s Poetry under his pen name Raven Chandler. Giorge also writes under the pen name Spencer Chase.

Giorge currently lives in the Philippines, but he also calls New York City and Palermo, Sicily home.








2018 Published the novel- To Be His Life– When A Straight Man Strays under the pen name of Giorge Leedy.

2018 Published the book of poetry- Raven's Poetry under the pen name of Raven Chandler.

2018 Writer, Associate Producer, Editor, and Cinematographer for Jason DaSilva on the short film Mapping The Disability Trap and the feature film When We Walk.

2104 Published the novel- Uninhibited From Lust To Love under the pen name Giorge Leedy. Now out of print. Rewritten and published as the novel To Be His Life– When A Straight Man Strays.

2014 Published motivational memoir- Little Star Big Universe under pen name Giorge Leedy. Now out of print and being rewritten.