Parent GC Guide

Tour Google Classroom 

Fall of 2020 tour of Google Classroom layout & features.

Guardian Summaries

How to set up Guardian Summaries and what that means.

Guardian Summary Examples

What to expect IN a guardian summary.

Logging In

Use your district issued email address and password to get into the device, navigate to Classroom and away you go!

Turn In button

To submit an assignment in Google Classroom, use the Turn In button for the task.  

Add file to existing assignment

How to attach a file that you didn't create IN Google Classroom to the correct assignment.  Turn it in with the description, With the rubric, With the grading system!  DON'T Share it - Add it! 


Accidentally turn in an assignment before it was due?  Need to make corrections or other edits to your work?  Unsubmit, finish, & resubmit from Classroom.

View Student Work

Utilize the "View Your Work" button in Classwork to see your Assigned, Graded, & Missing work in the class.  The "To-Do" list under the Main Menu will also allow you to see all the assignments in all the Google Classrooms that you are enrolled in.

Access A Meet in classroom

Need to attend a web conference using Google Meet?  Find the link in your Classroom and get there on time!

Notification Settings

Manage your notification settings in Google Classroom as needed.  Email, comments, classes you're enrolled in, & class notifications.  Turn on Due Date reminders if desired and many more.

Trouble Shooting

ALL Google Applications are optimized for use with Chrome and while they may work on other browers - Safari, Firefox, or Edge - you may experience some issues if you choose to use these browers.  If you're on your district issued Chromebook, you can avoid some of these problems!