What we are really about!

We help you find out how you business is doing.

As businesses grow and speed up, owners generally lose track of their financial situation. They may not know if they’re profitable, or how much they can reinvest in the business. We put that information at your fingertips.

Taking away hassle

No one gets into business to do accounting. We help you build systems that reduce your bookkeeping commitments. For business owners who are scrambling to do a thousand things at once, there’s nothing more important than getting back time.

Being your go-to guys

Small business owners have a lot of questions. You probably worry some of yours are naive or stupid. We want to be the team you feel comfortable asking. As we find out what you do and don’t know, we hope to be able to better support you. That will make you more confident in yourselves, your business, and in us.

Give you back your life

It's the sheer volume of work that will often compel a business owner to find an accountant. You may be sick of recording and reconciling transactions – or worrying about your finances. We want to give you a life where you don’t spend late nights or weekends:

  • punching data into a spreadsheet
  • preparing and sending invoices
  • wondering if you can afford new equipment, extra staff, or more stock

What we do

We take away the pain. We help you understand that modern accounting tools that can automate your:

  • record keeping
  • invoicing
  • cash flow tracking

These three services alone will relieve your work burden, give you certainty in your financial situation, and help you understand your business. We would hope to to fix up these areas of their business in the first couple of months.

We believe that caring for your clients isn’t just a marketing trick

So we keep working on the personal relationship. Empathy is not just a show we put on to win the business.

Michelle & Martin are compassionate people, but there’s more to it than personalities. We make relationship-building part of our workday as evidence of this checkout the practice Gallery! We are genuinely interested in:

  • why you got into business
  • what you want from the business
  • who your family is
  • what your interests are outside of work
  • your plans for the future
  • support that is available for you

That way we never lose sight of the personal connection that defines our relationship at the outset.

We love working with Young businesses.

We believe young businesses can be excellent clients because:

  • You are often entering a growth curve when you become a client
  • We can set up your accounting systems the way you like
  • We can help by introducing modern accounting tools and disciplines

If you would like to work with us contact us NOW.