Gift Wrapping Ideas

There are many ways of wrapping presents. Raffia is a kind of ribbon and can be paired with pinecones for nature inspired-looking gifts. Raffia ribbons come in many colors as well. To go with the natural look, try to use brown paper, twine, gold bells, wooden stars, wooden stamps, an inkpad and tacky glue. You start by stamping your design on the brown paper using the inkpads while making sure you clean off the stamp again. When the paper dries, wrap your presents using ribbon and twine to wrap around your presents. Then attach any bells or other decorations.

Ribbons and twine need to be secure with a double knot. Wooden star decorations need to be glued on to the piece as you leave it to dry. Pom poms are another potential design and can be added as a decoration to the present because they look great on any craft project you need to use. You will need, again the brown paper, small, ready-made pom poms, glue dots, clover pom pom makers, selection of wool/yarn, ribbon, and gold bells. Scissors are also needed for a project like this. Start by wrapping the presents in the brown paper, and make different size pom poms using wool/yarn, making sure to leave long tail threads that can be plaited or used to wrap around the gift. Glue dots are used to make pom poms stick to the present. Ribbons should be wrapped around the present first and then applied to pom poms.

Color pop present decorations refer to decorations that have brightly colored buttons that work well with stuck on glue dots which can be easily removed and reused for another project. The supplies needed are the following: the brown paper, a selection of colorful tissue papers, colorful buttons as well, scissors, a pencil, and a glue stick along with colorful yarn.

The clover pom pom maker works differently with different sized yarns. Making a large pom pom requires more yarn than a smaller version. Pom pom makers come in bright colors, and they swing apart. You wind the yarn moving left to right, and you hold the arches together so they are aligned. While winding the yarn, you can determine how thick and fluffy your pom pom will be. In order to wind the yarn go left to right. Feed the yarn through the top two arches as well as the bottom arches and when enough yarn is wound, you cut it.

After pushing the two arches together, use sharp scissors to in the gap between the arches and cut. When moving all the way around the circle, the yarn sticks out. Then you cut a long piece of yarn that you thread through the groove. The strand secures the pom pom, and you tie a knot. Tie the knots tightly, using a double knot on one side that is swung to the opposite end, tying a double knot on the opposing side. Take the bottom and top apart which releases the pom pom. Fluff and shape your pom pom. The most winding that gets done, the fluffier the pom pom.