Charles Giddens

Full stack development

Experience using technology in many industries

  • Cross Platform Mobile Development

  • eSports and Events Management - KYC, GDPR and PII

  • Government - Elections, Code/Law Enforcement, Tax Payments, CDC

  • Automotive - Dealership management and integration

  • Marketing - Motorcycle and Powersports Industry

  • Insurance - Life and Health

  • Telecommunications - AT&T w/GIS and Real Time reporting

  • Pre Employment Screening - I9 Verification, Motor Vehicle, Credit, etc

  • Sports - Team and Facilities Services

Skill Set

  • SalesForce Integration (Apex Rest API, Server to Server, etc)

  • GitFlow

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Architect

  • Azure Serverless Evangelist

  • Xamarin Forms Developer

  • UWP App Developer

  • Blazor SPA (web assembly) Web Site Developer

  • IoT Architect (IoT Hub + Event Grid)

  • .NET Core/Standard

  • Azure DevOps CICD Manager

  • Agile Development Manager - SCRUM Leader

  • AppCenter Pipeline Development

  • Chatbot Developer (Microsoft Chatbot Framework, Discord, LUIS)

  • Payment Processing and Gateway Integration


  • Team Lead -Mobile Technologies at Ernst & Young

  • VP of Research - UMG Gaming

  • 11 Software Patents

  • Wintellect - Xamarin Forms Project

  • GE Current - AWS to Azure Migration of services

  • Startup Founder and CTO of EasyVote Solutions

  • AT&T Labs Senior Developer

Contact Info


2ormore app

Architect and Developer

  • Built using Microsoft Xamarin Forms 5.x

  • Runs on iOS and Android

  • Backend API is Azure Function App protected by Azure API Management

  • Implementation includes Service Bus and Notification Hub

  • Push Notifications delivered via APNS and Google Firebase

  • Full Integration with Google Places API and Yelp API

  • MVVM, Shell Navigation with DI

  • Visit

Architect and Developer
.NET Azure, Blazor and SignalR

Easyvote solutions
Founder, Architect and Developer
Azure Serverless, .NET C# on Win32, Web and UWP

Towne Lake Tennis

Apple App Store Link
Google Play Store Link

Architect and Developer
Xamarin, Azure Function App, Twilio, Notification Hub, Service Bus

customer connect mobile app

Built for

  • Built on Xamarin Forms 5.x

  • Backend API is Azure Function App

  • Database is Azure MSSQL

  • Available on iOS and Android

  • MVVM, Shell Navigation with DI