Poetry Collection Now Available!

My first collection of poetry, City of the Hills, is now available for purchase on Amazon.com, as well as select locations in Oneonta, New York (see below). I'm overjoyed to share these poems, all based on and around my hometown of Oneonta. Here's a brief description of the collection:

How do we remember a place we once called home? And how do we forget it? In City of the Hills, Oneonta native Gianluca Avanzato locates places from his hometown in upstate New York and explores a variety of tensions associated with home: obedience and independence; adventure and boredom; loneliness and community. Steeped in Avanzato’s personal experiences, this concise but dynamic collection invites the reader to reflect on his or her own understandings of home and relive personal experiences—from ding-dong ditching to first love. Most importantly, these poems offer space for some kind of reconciliation between past and future, hope and hopelessness, remembering and forgetting.

City of the Hills can be purchased online, at Amazon.com, or at select locations in Oneonta, New York, including Stella Luna Ristorante, Greater Oneonta Historical Society, Green Toad Bookstore.

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Home. Ancestry. Memory. Space. Stories. Language—These are some of the main themes I explore in my writing. My poetry and stories emerge from the intersection of the abstract and the material—a childhood story recounted by my father on a beach in Sicily, the signs of passing generations and recurring gentrification contemplated on a sunny day at a park in Brooklyn.

My aim is to explore larger metaphysical themes as reflected by and through the details of the world around me. Mindful observation and listening are only part of the process; next comes piecing together words and sounds in an effort to communicate the incommunicable. Most important for me, however, is the conversation that subsequently follows one of my creations—sharing a poem with others, receiving their responses, and beginning a conversation. The poem or story serves not as an end, but as a means.

I'm an American writer and poet from Upstate New York. I'm open to any forms of artistic collaboration. Please feel free to contact me at avanzatogianluca@gmail.com.