S2E0: THE FOOL - Nostradamus & SCRYING (Facebook) Originally aired 7.5.22 S2E0: THE FOOL - Nostradamus & SCRYING (YouTube) - coming soon

S2E1: THE MAGICIAN - with Special guest Vince Wilson

S2E2 - THE HIGH PRIESTESS - with Special guest Victoria Mundae

S2E3 - THE EMPRESS - with special guest Kathi Kresol & Sara Bowker (Facebook) Originally aired 7.28.22

S2E4 - 8.2.22 - The Emperor

S2E5 - 8.9.22 - The Hierophant

S2E6 - 8.16.22 - The Lovers

S2E7 - 8.23.22 - The Chariot aka Dean's Silverado - My truck died in a cemetery

S2E8 - 8.30.22 - Strength

S2E9 - 9.6.22 - The Hermit with Jeff Mudgett

S2E10 - 9.13.22 - Wheel of Fortune

S2E11 - 9.20.22 - Justice with Mike Arians

S2E12 - 9.27.22 - The Hanged Man

S2E13 - 10.4.22 - Death

S2E14 - 10.11.22 - Temperance

S2E15 - 10.18.22 - The Devil

S2E16 - 10.25.22 - The Tower

S2E17 - 11.1.22 - The Star

S2E18 - 11.8.22 - The Moon

S2E19 - 11.15.22 - The Sun

S2E20 - 11.22.22 - Judgement

S2E21 - 11.29.22 - The World



S1E1: THIRTEEN - Justice for Louiza Fox (Facebook) Originally aired 3.22.22
S1E1: THIRTEEN - Justice for Louiza Fox (YouTube includes extra footage)

S1E2: BIBLE - Hunter's Ghost (Facebook) Originally aired 3.29.22
S1E2: BIBLE - Hunter's Ghost (YouTube includes extra footage)

S1E3: YELLOWBIRD - Freddie's Birthday Party (Facebook) Originally aired 4.5.22
S1E3: YELLOWBIRD - Freddie's Birthday Party (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E4: LAB NIGHT (part one) - Beginnings (Facebook) Originally aired 4.14.22
S1E4: LAB NIGHT (part one) - Beginnings (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E5: SLEEP - Maud Sleep murder case (Facebook) Originally aired 4.19.22
S1E5: SLEEP - Maud Sleep murder case (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E6: COMPANY - Sara Bowker guest (Facebook) Originally aired 4.26.22
S1E6: COMPANY - Sara Bowker guest (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E7: DRAGON - St. Albans Sanatorium (Facebook) Originally aired 5.3.22
S1E7: DRAGON - St. Albans Sanatorium (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E8: MOMMY - Megan Erl (PMS) & Laura Redmond (Facebook) Originally aired 5.10.22
S1E8: MOMMY - Megan Erl (PMS) & Laura Redmond (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E9: WATCHER - Robert Crosby (Facebook) Originally aired 5.17.22
S1E9: WATCHER - Robert Crosby (You Tube)

S1E10: BLUEBEARD - Nick Hanson (Facebook) Originally aired 5.26.22
S1E10: BLUEBEARD - Nick Hanson (You Tube)

S1E11: SOLDIER - Mark Schwabe & Dean (Facebook) Originally aired 5.31.22
S1E11: SOLDIER - Mark Schwabe & Dean (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E12: WONDERLAND - with Greg Kos guest (Haunted Atchison, Kansas) (Facebook) Originally aired 6.7.22
S1E12: WONDERLAND - with Greg Kos guest (You Tube includes extra footage)

S1E13: ANCIENT SPIRITS - First ten minutes
S1E13: ANCIENT SPIRITS - St. Augustine (Facebook) Originally aired 6.14.22
S1E13: ANCIENT SPIRITS - St. Augustine (You Tube includes extra footage) - COMING SOON

Ghost Head Soup - Paranormal Researchers:

On December 16, 2010 an email was received announcing that "We are Ghost Head Soup." Nick, George, Mark, Tim and Dean.

We were actually transitioning from other teams to form the Soup, but it didn't take long to realize the synergy between the five of us....we referred to ourselves as the "Council of 5."

In addition to the Council of 5, we had added more ingredients to the soup. One person that was there from the beginning is Jeremy. Melissa & Laura completed the Alden Chapter of Ghost Head Soup, along with our most recent addition, Amanda.

An early quote from George circa 2010:

" I want those dark and terrible things that we hunt afraid of us, too. When the lights go out... WE are the baddest thing in the room." G.

Enjoy our soup du jour!

There is a slight edit needed while reading: "Earlier Kathi had mentioned that the girl was drenched in a gown and her hair was covering her face. The description of the way Alma was killed is pretty graphic, but would explain why her spirit wouldn't remember her name and would appear to Kathi the way that she did.

Randolph County Infirmary

Laura and Dean head to Winchester, IN, home of the Randolph County Infirmary for an evening of paranormal exploration.

Arriving early, they drove down the side streets behind the beaten path, when Dean spotted one of them Christmas inflatable Penguins lying face down in the dirt. "That ain't right" Dean exclaimed. Later in the evening as Greg Kos was setting up to do an "Estes Method" Dean asked if Greg will be sitting during the session. Greg, strangely said, "Yes, or I will end up face down in the dirt like a penguin." Please note that Dean or Laura mentioned the earlier discovery to anyone.

A short video will be added to our You Tube channel with some of the highlights of the trip.

Featured Cemetery

German Waldheim Cemetery, previously known as Waldheim Cemetery, was originally founded in 1873 as a non-religion-specific cemetery, where Freemasons, Romani, and German-speaking immigrants to Chicago could be buried without regard for religious affiliation. In 1969 it merged with the adjacent Forest Home Cemetery, also founded in 1873, with the combined cemetery being called Forest Home (Waldheim means "forest home" in German).


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An unsolved murder victim grabs our attention.

Are you into True Crime, with a sprinkle of murder and mayhem? Well, you won't need to go further than the Roadhouse in Oregon, IL. Please check out rhouse.org for upcoming events

Dean, Ron and Dale K surprise Mike Arians of the Road House

Investigated July 31, 2021 - Oregon, IL

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Paranormal Family: We couldn't get evidence of the paranormal if it wasn't for a great support system. Please find us along side our friends.

Tim Schmuldt with a Ghost Buster VW Bug

Amanda Pilgreen, Tim Schmuldt and Dean Thompson standing outside of the Sallie House in Atchison, KS

Tim, Melissa Johnson, Amanda & Dean outside of Buffalo New York Central Station.

Amanda & Tim investigating at Rolling Hills Asylum

GHS TRAVEL DESTINAIONS: "From sea to shining sea"

KEY WEST: Recently Nick and his wife visited Key West. With over 42 documented spirits, the city has a vast history dating back to early war times.

We visited the cemetery, local museums, Earnest Hemingway’s house, and of course Robert the Doll. At the cemetery, established in 1846, we took photos of the various grave sites of many soldiers (along with giant iguanas) that met their demise in the city. From there we ventured to the museum at the custom house, where the path was once trod by wreckers, rumrunners, and politicians when the city was the richest and largest city of Florida, we even got to see Hemingway’s blood-stained WWI uniform. Lastly, we toured the East Martello Museum, home of the famed Robert the Doll. Robert was once owned by Robert Eugene Otto – famed painter and author of Key West, Florida.

Here are a few of the photos from our adventure, let us know if you see anything!

Checking out the local graves KW, Florida

Nick faces his fears with Robert the Doll!

Cuban section of the cemetery

Oldest section of the cemetery

Tiffany takes on Robert

Statue that startled us both!

Radio/Podcasts: Forever recorded! Random Radio Shows & Podcasts where we have been featured:

Legend Tripping during COVID

Join Amanda & Dean as they get make their way through some local "haunts" in Wisconsin.

Through the eyes of a killer

This video is a memorial to Maud Sleep who was killed along side two of her children on April 14, 1913.

Paranormal Streakers

This is a Spoof and nothing but a Spoof.

Newspaper Articles: Throughout the years we have been interviewed for some local newspapers. Please find their links below. Enjoy!

Laura Redmond & Dean Thompson at the Roadhouse in Oregon, IL

Jeremy Krzykowski - a Ghost Head Soup Lab night regular.

Nick Hanson, Mark Schwabe, Jeremy, Dean, Melissa pose behind Tim Schmuldt.

Laura Redmond meets Walt Willey while portraying Wild Bill Hickok in Troy Grove, IL.

Terms used by Ghost Head Soup:

  1. Judas Effect: Is when sounds and vocals combine together to produce a clear audible response, for example, a shoe scuff along with someone starting to speak sounded like the name "Judas". This combination of sounds formed what is perceived to be an unexplained voice capture. Therefore, video footage is needed to support the separation of the sounds.

  2. LAB LIGHTS: As we stood in a dark room, the Ghost Head Soup laboratory, with only one candle burning, we all stared into the flame for about ten minutes. Once we extinguished the candle we proceeded with our investigation. Our intention was to heighten our vision by staring into the burning flame. After a few moments of darkness we all started to see red and blue flashes in the dark, when we all realized we were seeing the same lights. We call this active phenomenon "Lab Lights" as this took place at our laboratory.

  3. Spirit Tree (Earth Whiskers): Trees serve as a conduit for spirits. Earth whiskers are sensory inputs filled with contained energy where a spirit could use the tree as a means to manifest. In some cases you may be able to take a photo, of the spirit, on the tree itself.

  4. Dog Ears: An audio clip that you need dog ears to hear it. Lean in to hear the audio clip.

It's a Ghost - Fire Museum

Tim is listening to the ghost box and reacts to something quite amazing.

PEMA TV interviews GHS

Laura Redmond and Dean Thompson are interviewed.

Chicago Horror Film Fest

An interview with George about the spirit board.

George's interview begins around 3:33

We have met some amazing people in the paranormal field, and some of them actually wanted to write about us. It has been our pleasure to sit down and discuss this field of study. Please support them and check us out between the covers. Thank You!

Odds & Ends: More links to explore and enjoy. More to come!

Nick Hanson reflecting

Dean & Nick portraying Chad & Ryan from American Ghost Hunters.

Dean & Nick hanging out with Willy Adkins & Ron Fabiani, Thomas Froelich of the Paranormal Cops.

Dean and Willy join The Paranormal Cops for a public investigation of the Casa Madrid, in Melrose Park, IL.

Along the way: You would never know who is around you unless you ask. It pays to stop and say Hi. Here are some of the people we have meet along the way.