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2021 is looking great! Watch for updates as we gather more footage from The Monroe House in Hartford City, IN, and a return trip to Gettysburg, PA. We will also be hosting a few events this year. Watch for us in Elmhurst, IL , Rockford, IL and some other venues around the area.

Dean, Ron & Dale K visiting the Seven Muses.

Dean, Ron and Dale K surprise Mike Arians of the Road House

Dining before our Investigation

Investigated July 31, 2021 - Oregon, IL

SEP 18, 2021

We are excited to share our ghostly encounters with everyone, including our friends from Haunted Rockford, The Society for Anomalous Studies & Bartel and Henson Paranormal.

An unsolved murder victim grabs our attention.

Are you into True Crime, with a sprinkle of murder and mayhem? Well, you won't need to go further than the Roadhouse in Oregon, IL. Please check out for upcoming events

Paranormal Family: We couldn't get evidence of the paranormal if it wasn't for a great support system. Please find us along side our friends.

Tim Schmuldt with a Ghost Buster VW Bug

Amanda Pilgreen, Tim Schmuldt and Dean Thompson standing outside of the Sallie House in Atchison, KS

Tim, Melissa Johnson, Amanda & Dean outside of Buffalo New York Central Station.

Amanda & Tim investigating at Rolling Hills Asylum

Radio/Podcasts: Forever recorded! Random Radio Shows & Podcasts where we have been featured:

Legend Tripping during COVID

Join Amanda & Dean as they get make their way through some local "haunts" in Wisconsin.

Through the eyes of a killer

This video is a memorial to Maud Sleep who was killed along side two of her children on April 14, 1913.

Paranormal Streakers

This is a Spoof and nothing but a Spoof.

Newspaper Articles: Throughout the years we have been interviewed for some local newspapers. Please find their links below. Enjoy!

Laura Redmond & Dean Thompson at the Roadhouse in Oregon, IL

Jeremy Krzykowski - a Ghost Head Soup Lab night regular.

Nick Hanson, Mark Schwabe, Jeremy, Dean, Melissa pose behind Tim Schmuldt.

Laura Redmond meets Walt Willey while portraying Wild Bill Hickok in Troy Grove, IL.

Term used by Ghost Head Soup:

  1. Judas Effect: A combination of sounds that occur naturally however distorted. An audio recording device will capture a combination of sounds to form what is perceived to be an unexplained voice capture. Video footage is needed to support the separation of the sounds. This discovery happened during an investigation when the video shows the first part of Judas was a shoe scuff and the second part was someone speaking.

  2. Dog Ears: An audio clip where you have to lean in to hear.

  3. Spirit Tree or Earth Whiskers: Trees serve as a conduit for spirits. Earth whiskers are sensory inputs filled with contained energy where a spirit could use the tree as a means to manifest. In some cases you may be able to take a photo, of the spirit, on the tree itself.

It's a Ghost - Fire Museum

Tim is listening to the ghost box and reacts to something quite amazing.

PEMA TV interviews GHS

Laura Redmond and Dean Thompson are interviewed.

Chicago Horror Film Fest

An interview with George about the spirit board.

George's interview begins around 3:33

We have met some amazing people in the paranormal field, and some of them actually wanted to write about us. It has been our pleasure to sit down and discuss this field of study. Please support them and check us out between the covers. Thank You!

Odds & Ends: More links to explore and enjoy. More to come!

Nick Hanson reflecting

Dean & Nick portraying Chad & Ryan from American Ghost Hunters.

Dean & Nick hanging out with Willy Adkins & Ron Fabiani, Thomas Froelich of the Paranormal Cops.

Dean and Willy join The Paranormal Cops for a public investigation of the Casa Madrid, in Melrose Park, IL.