Ghostly Impressions

These are some ghostly impressions from my collection of photograph anomalies.

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From left to right. The 1st photo of a ghost my cell photo

took on its own. The middle is a mustached catface

of the back of a friend's head. The right a woman in my den.

From left to right, is the only and first ghost I saw in

2013 Sept 29, archangel feast day, a similar

cloud on communion day, and light ghost on the cross.

From left to right, is a two faced happy sad ghostly

could impression, middie is a winged cloud, and

the right is a red flying dragon ghostly impression.

From left to right, is a angel in the corner of my upstairs bedroom,

the middle image has multiple images of a black demon facing a pilgrim

and a large white face, on the right is a light casper looking ghost face in the

doorway with a dinosaur ghostly impression over the top of the door.

From left to right, is a monkey ghostly impression,

the middle image is a ghost on the wall with it's hand on the bed,

the right images is my artwork.

From left to right, a ghostly impression I found like all the others

on my cell phone, and the right image is a vaporized smoke image.

From left to right, a video from Youtube with my similar

face photograph under it and the image of the right

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Join the quest of ghostly impressions. It's just for fun.

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