GHCTA Member Benefit - Helmet & Vest Reimbursement

  • GHCTA will reimburse $10 toward the purchase of a safety vest or $10 for a safety helmet.
  • Limited to: one reimbursement per member, per calendar year.
  • Criteria and procedure for reimbursement:
    • Member must be in good standing. All dues and forms must be complete and submitted.
    • Helmet must pass or surpass ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)/ SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) standards for equestrian use and carries the SEI tag.
    • Vest must pass or surpass the current ASTM standard F1937.
    • Members must submit a copy of the receipt, no later than six weeks from date of purchase, to the GHCTA Treasurer for payment.

GHCTA Member Benefit - Scholarship

Updated 03/19/18

The purpose of the GHCTA Scholarship Program is to provide educational opportunities to members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the sport, as well as service and ambassadorship within GHCTA.


The GHCTA Scholarship is intended to provide funding support for GHCTA members who are working to sharpen their riding skills, their teaching skills and/or to better their understanding of the sport. Educational programs may have either a dressage or eventing focus. Two grants of $350 maximum each will be offered to GHCTA members. Grant monies must be used to participate in educational programs that include, but are not limited to: seminars, workshops, clinics and training programs offered by recognized or ICP certified instructors.

The grant is meant for a GHCTA member to have the opportunity to be in a training situation that is not readily available during the course of his/her daily pattern.

Application Eligibility (applications are accepted from 01/01/2018 through 08/01/2018, or until both scholarships are awarded)

  1. Any GHCTA member who has been a member for at least one full membership year
  2. Member must complete at least a total of 10 hours of volunteer service at GHCTA recognized events\locations. Volunteer hours can be considered for the 2017 and 2018 show season. Required show volunteer time or volunteer time paid in venue credits can not be counted.
    • Volunteer hours can be submitted via email from location\venue\show manager or submission can be signed and scanned
  3. Considerations to be weighed in awarding the scholarship include:
    • Submitted written essay
      • Essay should be at least 1 page, contain current riding level, and describe in detail the desired outcome from the clinic
      • Essays can be submitted via email or postal service
    • Past and current contributions to GHCTA and its GHCTA recognized events
      • It is suggested to include all relevant contributions with essay.
  4. No persons will be ineligible to receive a scholarship based on board or committee memberships; however, they must abstain from voting during any of the application process.
  5. Only one scholarship per person per year may be applied for.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. The scholarship must be used for any clinic, forum or other activity sponsored or endorsed USEA, USDF, USET, USEF or other. This does not include show entry fees of any kind.
  2. Because the applications are reviewed at the quarterly board meetings, it is in the applicant’s best interest to apply as early as possible. Reimbursement for a previously attended clinic, forum or activity will not occur.
  3. If a clinic, forum or activity is filled or cancelled after processing the application, the scholarship monies must be returned to GHCTA.
  4. Recipients must present proof that the clinic, forum or activity was attended.
  5. Within 1 month of receiving the scholarship, all recipients will be required to:
    • Write an article for the GHCTA website describing the activity and impact on the scholarship

Scholarship Amount

  1. The dollar amount of the scholarship award is not to exceed $350 per scholarship.
  2. The scholarships are available for TUITION ONLY. No transportation, stabling or personal costs are to be included.

Scholarship Committee and Application Procedure

The Scholarship committee will be chaired by the President of the Association and include all current board members. The committee will review all scholarship applications and present their recommendations. The Board will vote on the approval of the scholarship application, to include approval of the specific amount of the scholarship.

The Committee screens each application with a uniform set of criteria, eliminating the possibility of subjective selection or favoritism. The criteria generally includes such benchmarks as Length of GHCTA membership, Volunteer History, Goal of Program, Competition Level, Previous Awards and Recognition, Benefit to GHCTA's membership, and Timeliness of Goal. The Committee attempts at all times to keep focused on how the overall membership can benefit from the educational opportunity the scholarships are providing.

Applicants should send their completed application form to the GHCTA President.