OK Google, Talk to Grace Hopper Celebration India.

Start talking to the #GHCI18 chat bot

in just 2 easy steps!

1. Long press on the ‘Home’ button on your phone to launch the Google Assistant

2. To speak to the bot, now say “Talk to Grace Hopper Celebration India”

The bot should now be at your service!

You can talk to the bot About GHCI, Career Fair, Schedule.

Have fun speaking to it :)

You can also open the bot on the Google Assistant store

by clicking on this link from your mobile phone.

Follow the below steps to set up a Google Assistant on your phone:

Android Users

  • To use the Google Assistant, you’ll need a phone or tablet with Android 5.0 or higher
  • Long press the home button to activate the Google Assistant.
  • If you already do not have the Google Assistant set up, you will be prompted with instructions to set up the assistant.

iOS Users

What you need

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Reach the GHCI’18 Chat Bot team at ghci18chatbot@gmail.com.

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