LAB Mission

Understanding the brain functions: one puzzle at a time

As the most complex system known to us, human brain, is thought to underly all of our perceptions, emotions and actions, it is the biological basis of what makes us "us".

In my lab, we take a broad interest in understanding nervous system function. Current focus of the lab is in the areas of decision making, perception and motivation using human and nonhuman primates as model organisms. We use psychophysics, imaging and electrophysiology along with computational analysis and mathematical modeling to get at the principles that shape neural systems structure, function and their relation to behavior

Applying to the lab

We seek highly motivated individuals with solid math or biology backgrounds to join the lab.

Post-doctoral and student researchers should email their CV, recommendation letters (3) and a statement of research plans.

Lab technician position should send CV with previous work experience and recommendation letters (2).

Lab News

1st Sharif Neuroscience Symposium held in March 2019

Center for Biological Intelligence, Neural Engineering and Data Sciences (BIND) is born in Sharif in July 2018-- more news to come!

Our paper on the prefrontal substrate of long-term value memory is appears in Current Biology:

Ali Ghazizadeh, et al Prefrontal cortex represents long-term memory of object values for months, Current Biology, 2018

Commentary of Wim Vanduffel on my recent paper

Ali Ghazizadeh, et al A long term high capacity memory system in temporal and prefrontal cortices for valuable objects, PNAS, 2018.

Vanduffel et al PNAS 2018

Neuroscience Course in EE department in Sharif University of Technology

Foundations of systems and computational neuroscience

Instructor: Dr. Ali Ghazizadeh

TAs: Erfan Zabeh, Faraz Yazdani, Amin Vafa

Flyer Syllabus

Prerequisites: probability theory, signals and systems


  1. Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition, Kandel et al
  2. Theoretical Neuroscience: Computational and Mathematical Modeling of Neural Systems, Dayan and Abbott

Our paper on the cortical hubs for long-term value memory is now accepted in PNAS.

Ali Ghazizadeh, Whitney Griggs, David A. Leopold, Okihide Hikosaka, A long term high capacity memory system in temporal and prefrontal cortices for valuable objects, PNAS, 2018.

Nov-2017 : We are organizing Intl' Brain Engineering and Neuroscience Conference 2018 where world renowned neuroscientists are coming to Tehran to discuss their new findings.

abstract submission is now open.

Nov-2017 : Call for contributors: Our research topic Brain Function: From Experimental and Computational Neuroscience to Brain Engineering in now open in Frontiers and accepting manuscripts. Submission Deadline Extended to 21-Jan-2018