Gramoz Goranci

I am a PhD student at the Computer Science Department, University of Vienna. I am fortunate to have Monika Henzinger as my adviser. Before coming to Vienna, I finished my master's under the supervision of Harald Räcke at Technical Universty of Munich. I obtained my bachelor's degree from University of Prishtina, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics.

My research interests lie within the area of algorithms. More specifically, I am working on Dynamic Graph Algorithms and Graph Sparsification.

News: I am currently visiting Richard Peng at Georgia Institute of Technology.


Conference Papers:

Journal Articles:

  • Incremental Exact Min-Cut in Poly-logarithmic Amortized Update Time, Gramoz Goranci, Monika Henzinger, Mikkel Thorup, ACM Transaction on Algorithms (TALG), to appear.